Thursday, October 11, 2012


Just wanted everyone to know that Alana is in the hospital running a fever and has had a bad few days. Please keep her in your prayers. You can always follow her HERE Thanks everyone

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Finally a card !

Well after months of not crafting any at all I finally got to make a couple cards. Things have been very hectic here and have just not been able to craft. But I needed to make a card for my soon to be Great Granddaughter's shower. I have used one of Krista's images that she just released for a special cause. So I used this Butterfly Baby image and am going to join in a challenge with it at Saturated Canary Challenge Blog. Boy been ages since I crafted let alone join a challenge lol  The challenge is to use Office Supplies.

Here is a pic of the inside

And here is another card I needed to make for my cousins birthday. It is another image from Krista. 

Hope you all are doing okay and enjoying your weekend. Lots of love !

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rest In Peace

Last night at 9:50 my beloved Uncle Wilburn Davis went to be with the Lord !!!
He fought a good fight but he is at peace now and is no longer in pain.
He went to be with my dad, his wife Aunt Rosie that passed away 5 months ago and his twin sister who left us 4 months ago.
Rest in peace !!! I LOVE You and will miss you so much !!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Update on Alana

I just wanted to let you know that Alana is doing pretty good. She is having Chemo and still taking her chemo pills every day.  She will be getting blood again this week for her count is down. But she is a fighter. She can't thank you enough for all the cards and goodies she is receiving.

As always you can get a update all the time HERE.

Here is a new pic of Alana getting her chemo !! Please continue to keep her in  your prayers !!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I am asking for some HELP please !!!!

Hello dear blogging friends !!! Been a long time since I have been on here.

But I am in need of a huge favor !!!!!!

One of my dear friends youngest little girl Alana is 9 year old and she has been diagnosed 3 weeks ago with Leukemia . You can see her HERE and see all the pictures of her and what everyone is doing for her . The Leukemia is a rare form and they are doubling the chemo on her right now. She always played sports and is so upset right now that she can't play.

But I am begging anyone that will help to please send her a card to help cheer her up. She is home now and goes to the hospital to have her chemo. She is not feeling up to pare now and I would so love it if you all would please send her a card or anything you would like to help cheer her up. And most of all PLEASE keep her and her family in your prayers.

If anyone is willing to help out please email me ( at top of my blog is my contact info) for her address. And please pass this message along for me if you would.

Thank you so much and I do hope you will help brighten her day
Sending Big Hugs (((((((((((((())))))))))))))))

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Just had to show you this beautiful smile

I just had to show this picture Terry sent me of Alana. She is getting so many wonderful cards and presents from all over the world. I can't express how happy this is making this little girl. Like I said Terry is taking pictures of all her cards and presents to make her a scrapbook and she is always telling me to tell everyone THANK YOU !!! As you can see Alana is loosing her hair very fast but her fight and spirit is up so much thanks to all of you and your prayers.

Again you can follow Alana HERE

Friday, September 7, 2012

Alana !!!!!!!!!

I just wanted to say Thank you !!!!!!!!!! To all the lovely bloggers that have sent Alana cards and packages. I got to talk to Alana on the phone last night and she told me she can't wait every day till the mail comes. She said everything won't fit in the mailbox so the mailman has to bring them to the door. She was so happy and so excited !! She says thank you so much and I can't tell you how happy this has made her. You all are the greatest for bringing a smile to this little girl.

Her mommy is taking pictures of all her stuff and is going to make a scrapbook for her with all the pictures. She has such a beautiful smile on her face. Above is just a small sample of all the cards and packages she is getting. And the best news of all she went for Chemo today and this is what her mommy has posted from today's appointment
Praise the Lord...Alana is in remission for the leukemia. We still have a long road ahead of us. She still has to have chemo and lots of medicines but she is doing great. Today was an awesome day...she has been up playing with her sisters and laughing like before. Thank you to everyone for all of the prayers. It will be another week or so before we find out where she stands with the Philadelphia part of the cancer but God has been good so far and our faith is strong that he will continue to be. Blessing going out to everyone that has shown love to our family in this time of need. Thank you sooo much!!!

Thank you all so much for all your prayers and for sending such wonderful goodies to her. You can always follow Alana here on her page. You don't have to have facebook to see it they said.

Again thank you all so much !!!! Sending Big Hugs ((((((((()))))))))))))))

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Toy cheers up 3rd-grader fighting cancer

Alana made the front page of the Kokomo newspaper !!! Thank you all for your support in sending Alana cards. She is not feeling well at all. She is loosing muscle so please keep her in your prayers !!!

Click on link below to read

Toy cheers up 3rd-grader fighting cancer

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Alana got my goodies already

Alana got her box of goodies I sent her. Bless her heart she looks so worn out. She has had a bad couple of days but I know once those cards start rolling in from all your dear blogging friends I know that smile is going to get so big. Thank you all for helping this precious little girl. You can see Alana Here

Sending Hugs your way (((((((((((())))))))))))

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Some goodies for Alana

Hello dear friends !! Well I have not gotten to play in ages !!! But I had some things that were unfinished laying on my desk so I decided to have a play day yesterday and make some things for Alana to cheer her up. I had went to the store and bought her some things to send to her but what else but make her some goodies too.

Alana is one of my dear friends daughter who is 9 years old and has been diagnosed with Leukemia you can read about her story in the post above and anyone willing to send her a card to bring a smile to her face please contact me.

But I had a notebook I did make yesterday and I used this adorable Tilda image. I thought Alana could write about her experience here in the book

Then I finished a box I had lying around for her I also used another Tilda
And then here is a bag I finished yesterday I had most of it done but added her name and some flowers on it. It is just a tote I thought she could use this tote to carry some things to the hospital in. The images are from Susana's Custom Arts and Crafts. I think I should of ironed this before taking a pic lol
Well thanks for looking, I know it has been a long time since I have played but I work so many hours anymore I just don't have time to get to play like I use to.
Thanks so much to everyone that has emailed me and is willing to help bring a smile to Alana's face. It is so greatly appreciated.
Sending you all big hugs (((((((((((((((((())))))))))))))))))))

Sunday, July 1, 2012



Happy Sunday dear friends !!!

I hope everyone is staying cool  in the air conditioning!!! We have had the hottest week ever. Our temperatures reached 108 the lowest was 105. I tell you work was so miserable we were all about half sick !!! We have air in the factory well somewhat but it was better than it was outside that is for sure. There are a lot of factory's that do not have air and Aisin is one of the good ones that do !! But without rain for weeks we finally got some about 3 am this morning. My grass is just brown no green at all !!!

But after work yesterday I came home and got all the chores done and today I had a play time. I love this Dreads from Krista Smith so knowing I had to make all the girlfriends of Kirstie’s some things I took advantage of this image and made a frame with her.

I used some old papers from DD’s. The image was colored with my copic’s and spica glitter pens . The corner die is one of Susana’s Custom Art and Cards new custom dies by Susana. I just love this set. Then I used the peace sign die and popped one in a bottle cap and used diamond glaze to cover it. I got the wooden peace word from HL.


Here is a close up of Dreads and I used some diamond glaze on her eyes to give them a pop.


Here is the back of the frame and I painted it with Susana’s Silks she has. I LOVE this color it is Spicy Tomato. The picture does not do the silks justice. These silks has such a gorgeous shine to them.


Well that is it for me today. I am going back to the craft room and do a little more to some other projects I have going. It takes me forever anymore to finish anything working the hours I do but I do enjoy getting to play what little time I get.

Thanks so much for stopping bye and visiting me. It is greatly appreciated and I love reading all your comments  from you.

Sending hugs (((((((((((())))))))))))))

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekend Play Time


Happy Weekend dear friends !!! It was a great weekend for me I am happy to say. I was off a couple days on vacation this week and boy was it a busy time that it has flown bye so fast.

I spent the first day doing all the house chores and Friday my youngest granddaughter and I had a girls day out !! We went out to eat and shopped till we dropped and then to the movies. Now that wore me out worse than working lol  Yesterday morning was spent doing the outside work, and I even scrubbed the deck lol But last night I had a long sit and done some playing and finished them up today.  It felt so good just to sit and play and do something just for fun.

As you all know I had to step down from Susana’s Custom Art and Cards as my work load at work is just way to much anymore. It was a very hard decision but something I had to do for I couldn’t give 100% to her and Susana is just the greatest person I have ever met.  She is so wonderful to work with and we have grown into very best friends that I will always cherish. Your the best girl !!!

My first card is a Sylvia Zet image for Susana’s store and she is just the sweetest !!!I so love coloring these images. Papers are from Susana’s called Carta Bella and this pad is just gorgeous !!! Susana carry's the most variety of paper pads I have ever seen in one store. Check them out here.

Now look at those corner dies !!!!!!!!! OMG !!! Susana has got her own line of dies, Dies by Susana. You won’t believe all the detail in these dies folks.  I saw them in the store and loved them but when I got them in person OMG they are to die for !!! If you all do not have any of these yet then you are missing out !! Trust me !!

For my image Friendship Ties ! This beauty has been colored with my copic’s and I have used the spica glitter pens on the image also. I have to say I had so much fun coloring her in and having such a great play time.


Yes 2 cards in one weekend !!!

I have used this adorable Party Hardy image from Krista Smith. She has been colored with my copic’s and spica glitter pens. I added a Petaloo flower and I have used a MS border.

I used a different corner die from Dies by Susana and I so love this one too. Love it. And look at those papers !!! I just about cried when I cut into them, A very dear sweet friend from the UK sent these to me (thanks so much sweetie) These are from the Life in the Country from Maja Designs. Oh I so feel in love with this pad.

There is a new challenge going on at the Saturated Canary Challenge Blog of Red , White and Blue so I am going to enter this card there.


Thanks so much for stopping bye and visiting me, I have to say I had a blast with some play time this weekend for fun.  Sending Big hugs your way (((((((()))))))))))))))

Monday, June 18, 2012

Tilda Boxes


Hello dear blogging friends !!!

Well I got some play time in this weekend and so I thought I would show you what I got done. I had some boxes already painted and some images had already been colored so I finished them up today by adding some papers from Jen Allyson on them. As I told you before my granddaughters friends wanted some things made for there birthdays so I figured I better get some more done for I really don’t know when the kids birthdays are. So at least they will be ready.

This first box I painted with some Viva Decor Inka Gold Paint I love how smooth this goes on. I used Old Gold for this box. I used some glamour dust glitter paint on the flowers and a Magnolia fence die. Sorry the pictures aren’t very good today.


This next box I used the same papers on and used a Make It Crafty chipboard corner from Susana’s. I added the glamour dust glitter paint on the flowers and added some lace around the box.

I have a couple more boxes painted just need to get some images colored for them so hopefully soon I will have some more to show you. I think after this I will have enough boxes and frames made for the girls when there birthdays arrive.

Thanks a lot for stopping bye and visiting me. It is greatly appreciated.

Sending Big Hugs ((((((((())))))))))))


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Play Ball !!!!


Good day dear blogging friends !!!

Well it is the end of the weekend !! I was so lucky to of been put on a different line Friday instead of mine so I didn’t have to work the weekend !! YIPPEE !!

I got some play time in late last night and this morning I got to finish it all. I have so many projects I need to start. When my oldest granddaughter had her birthday party all her little friends loved all her boxes and frames I made her so they told her they wanted some for there birthdays lol Boy I got myself a list already lol Bless their hearts lol

So I started off with this wooden coat hanger. Thought it would make just a cute decoration for their room. I used this gorgeous image from Krista Smith called Gothica. Isn’t she so cute ??? I colored her with my copic’s and spica glitter pens.  I used the Silks from Susana’s Custom Art and Cards to paint the wooden hanger and then added Making Memories paper to the front. I used some glamour dust glitter paint on the flowers. So LOVE this stuff !!! The  Friends was a die cut from Sizzix

I saw where the challenge at Saturated Canary Challenge Blog was anything goes so I am going to enter this there.



Here is a side view of the hanger.


Yesterday was my youngest granddaughters birthday so before the party she had a ball game. So grandma went and sat in the steaming hot sun to watch her play. She made a home run too. It was so cute to watch them all play. So here is my little diva granddaughter and when I use that word diva I really mean it lol


Here she is playing 3rd base.


And here is a pic of my only 2 granddaughters taken at her party. Ashley on the left and Kirstie on the right. Ashley turned 6 yesterday and Kirstie was 9 in May. Boy they so grow up so fast.

I got some news a couple weeks ago that I am going to be a great grandma !!!! Man am I ever getting old !!!! We don’t know yet what it is still to early but am excited.


Well I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend. I know mine has sure been busy. Now I need to go start on all the house work and laundry lol Just never stops does it.

Thanks so much for stopping bye and visiting me today. I so appreciate it. I know I don’t get on much working the long hours I do but I so appreciate all the comments you leave me.

Sending Big Hugs your way. (((((((()))))))))))))

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The last of the birthday gifts


Hello dear friends !!! I so hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Mine was busy as usual but the best part of the weekend is my dear sweet friend from the UK called me and we had such a wonderful chat. It is always so nice to get to talk in person.

But I did manage to finish up the rest of Ashley's birthday crafts lol I bought her present awhile back and she has no idea what it is yet but she had told me she needed me to make her things for her new room. So I showed you the frames last week and I finally finished her card and the rest.

This is Ava from Krista Smith isn’t she so adorable?? I just love these images. I colored her with copic’s and used some spica glitter pens on her. I so love these eyes and I used some diamond glaze on them to give them more of a pop. Papers are from some old SU papers.  The sentiment is from some words from TAC. I used the Whimsy Stamps ticket die for the sentiment. And as always I used some glamour dust glitter paint on the flowers.


Then here is a large chipboard letter A for her room which I used some more older papers from SU  I colored up a Tilda with my copic’s and spica glitter pens and this gorgeous flourish I got from Susana’s Custom Art and Cards.  I used the glamour dust glitter paint on the flowers also.


I could not get a good picture of this frame at all so I didn’t make it very big here for the glass is just shooting off so much glare. But this is another picture Ashley sent me to decorate for her. I just bought a frame at Wal-Mart and added some lace to it. I used the Whimsy Stamps banner dies and some sizzix alphabet dies.



Here is the story behind the picture she gave me. This is Trevor, He was in Ashley’s class and he passed away this winter. He had wondered off behind his house and had fell into the cold winter pond and drown.  So his parents had these papers made up and I have made it bigger here so you can read it. This really shook the kids up and Ashley wanted it decorated up some. But the picture above just doesn’t show very well. Sorry.


Well that is it for me for now. I have now finished up all her crafts she wanted, took me long enough but it is just so hard to get much done working long hours.

But thank you all so much for stopping bye. I so appreciate it. Sending Big Hugs ((((((((())))))))))))))

Monday, May 28, 2012

Frames for the birthday girl


Happy Memorial Day dear friends !!!!!!

I hope everyone has enjoyed there long weekend !!! I know I sure have that is for sure.

I went to the graveyard and decorated my parents grave along with my Aunt Rosie’s.

Then Saturday we had my oldest granddaughters birthday party. She turned 9. It was sure a hot day but we had a cookout and all the kids played volleyball and played in the pool. Then she got a trampoline for her birthday so they all had a great time in it. And this ol lady got in it too. Oh what a site it was !!!!

So yesterday I had a play day in my craft room finishing up all the projects that had been started for my youngest granddaughter’s birthday. She always wants some craft stuff from me along with her presents and this time she placed her own order along with a picture lol She is a total little diva that is for sure lol

But this is one of her dear friends she gave me a picture of so this is the frame I made for her. I used A Wee Stamp that I got at Whimsy Stamps along with the sentiment and die for it. Then I used a Memory Box die and added some bling. I used some lazer Chipboard from Make It Crafty and colored it with the Silks Acrylic Glaze. The flowers were painted with Glamour Dust Glitter Paint. And I colored my image with my copic’s and spica glitter pens. The paper is some older paper from SU.


The next frame is a image from Sylvia Zet for Susana’s Custom Art and Cards. She has also been colored with copic’s and spica glitter pens.

I used some more lazer chipboard from Make it Crafty and this gorgeous bling flourish is from a very sweet dear friend.

Flowers were painted with glamour dust glitter paint.


All the same things here except I used a Wee image here and the papers are also older SU papers.


I am just about done with my projects one more to go and my desk will be clean again lol I hope to finish it today. We will see.

Thanks so much for stopping bye and seeing me. I know I don’t get on much but do thank each of you that leave me such wonderful comments.

Sending you Big Hugs ((((()))))) And enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Oh it has been so long !!!

Hello dear friends !!! Man it seems like ages since I have been on !!! My poor ol blog has been neglected so bad !

I am still working lots of hours but I finally got a weekend off and was so ready for it. My plan is to get all my work done today so I can just sit and enjoy the day Sunday.

Besides working there has been so much going on in my life with my family it is unreal !!

Below is a picture of my dad’s brothers and sisters this was taken in 2005. My dad passed away in 1988 so he is the only one missing here but Uncle Boob has been ill and in a nursing home since Feb. He is doing therapy and we are hoping to get him home soon he is walking with a walker now so he is getting better but his wife Aunt Rosie passed away April 18th very unexpectedly. She was a rock so this was such a shock to us all !!!! She was a sweetheart that was for sure. So we had her funeral and this  Monday Uncle Boob’s TWIN sister Aunt Marge passed away.  So it has been a trying time here. Aunt Marge and Uncle Boob was 83 the 27th of April.

The evening of the day we buried Aunt Rosie my grandson was going home that night and he took the country roads home which was shorter. And this stupid deer came out of the  woods and ran right into the drivers side of Dyllon’s door. The deer’s head busted his drivers side window out and got him in the face and all the glass cut his face up and got in his eye. He is doing okay but the jeep got a number done to it. The body of the deer went back and got both doors and the rear quarter panel. But he is okay now and that is great. He just misses his vehicle lol

Then to top it off we found out my oldest daughter had cervical cancer. She has had her surgery and is doing good. They are 97% they got it all but she will go every 3 months to have a check up to make sure it hasn’t came back.
So needless to say my life has been pretty crazy !!!


I have not been in my craft room for over a month and I had so many projects half done that had been there for months. So last night I decided to add the flowers to them and let them be lol It was great to get to play but the ol mojo just isn’t there anymore. I still have lots of projects laying there to be finished so maybe one day I can get them done. Some are for my granddaughters birthday which is in June and another one the 28th of May !!! Don’t know if they will get done or not lol

But here is a card I had done using a Krista Smith image. It has been so long ago I could not tell you what paper pad this is from but I do know it came from Susana’s Custom Art and Cards . I buy all my paper from her and I used some glamour dust glitter paint on the flowers. I saw where Krista has a challenge for may flowers so after many many months I am going to enter this there at Saturated Canary Challenge Blog.


Next I added some flowers to this project to finish it up. A picture frame with Tilda. I got some gorgeous bling from a dear friend for my birthday and I used it on the frame. The papers are some old MME papers again Glamour dust glitter paint was used on the flowers.

So sorry I don’t remember much about these 2 projects but it has been so long since I had started them.


Well I have so much housework to get caught up on and outside work. I am going to get it all done today so I can take tomorrow to do nothing.

I do hope everyone is doing well and hopefully one day I can get back into the groove of crafting again. But for now just some old projects that had been laying around unfinished lol

As always sending Big Hugs your way (((((((((())))))))))))))))))

Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Mail Peeker !!!

EB releasesm

Good day dear friends.

Today I am so honored to show you one of the new images from Elizabeth Bell for Susana’s Custom Art and Cards. Oh these little peekers are adorable !!!!

If you came here from  Kim’s   blog then you are on the right track . If not please start at the Follow Your Heart blog so you don’t miss out on any of these cuties.

This cutie is called Happy Mail Peeker !!

I have used Prima Papers that I got from Susana and I have colored my image with my copic’s and Spica Glitter pens.

I have used the Memory Box die scroll on my card and the large white flower is from Prima.

I also used some Smooch Pearlized accent ink on the flowers of the image.

EB release

Next on the hop is   Lori

Thanks so much for stopping bye and I do hope you so enjoy the hop.

And don’t forget to click here to go to Susana’s Custom Art and Cards for these adorable Peekers

And for our International friends can get these stamps at Quixotic Paperie.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Check this out !!!

Starting today  over at  Susana's Custom Art and Cards. You are going to not want to miss this release !!!!!  There is a new release of the Elizabeth Bell Peekers and they are soooooooo adorable. So click on over HERE and check them out and fill your carts up !!!!!!
 I wouldn't steer you wrong you are going to LOVE them.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Garden Eyes

Garden eyessm

Hello dear blogging friends !!

I am back today to show you another one of the Susana Loves Stamps Collection. And from my title you can see this beauty is Garden Eyes !!

Isn’t she just adorable???

I have colored her with copic’s and have used some spica glitter pens.

Lots of glamour dust and some diamond glaze on the eyes.

The paper pad I used is from Authentique called Free bird  and you all need to check out all of Susana’s collection of paper. You won’t believe the large variety.

Garden eyes

Well I hope you have enjoyed this gorgeous Garden Girl

Thanks for stopping bye and Sending Big Hugs ((((((())))))))