Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Are you tired of being ripped off??????????

Edit to note!!!!!!

I am so glad to see I am not the only one. But if you all want to read what SOME Anonymous people have said please go through the posts. I think we know who they are but they can't be brave enough to leave there name. I have disabled Anonymous so if these people want to leave a comment about what they do then they can leave there name!!
Let's stick together, Stop buying from these company's

Shop where we are treated with respect!!!!!

If anyone wants to email where they love to shop I will be happy to make a list and post it.

Thanks everyone, if we stick together we can make a difference


I don’t know about you but I work darn hard for my money !!!! I am getting so tired of being ripped off on shipping charges by some of these companies out here.

I have took a long hard look and now I ask myself

Do I really need this???
Do I really want to spend this kind of money to have this package shipped?

Most of the time I will not even checkout when I see shipping charges that are just so disgraceful !!!!

We all know that the items we buy are marked up half way anyway if not more than that , that is how these business's make there money not a problem. But to charge such disgraceful charges for shipping !!!

Well I have had enough. How about you???

I think we all need to start sticking together and stop spending our hard earned money at the places of business that charge these disgraceful shipping charges. You know if they stop getting business then maybe they will take a look at what they are charging us for shipping. They are making money off of us for the product and now they are making money off of us for the shipping.

Below is a example of what I am talking about.

A friend of mine in the UK wanted this die, now this die was $9.00 not a bad price at all for the die. Well as you all know how thin the dies are and they don’t weigh nothing.

Well to send this die to the UK from the states they wanted $29.80

So I ordered this die for my friend and they charged me right here in the states $6.50 for shipping. I knew this was a rip off but it was better for me to order it than my friend.

Here is the receipt I got showing the price of the die and the shipping.

Papertrey Ink - Tiny Tags PTD-0107 1 9.00
USPS Tracking Number:
Subtotal 9.00
Shipping 6.50
Tax 0.00
Total 15.50
This completes your order. Thank you for shopping with us.

NOW here is the box it came in



You have got to be kidding me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was stuffed full of papers and a very little thin die in the bottom.

The actual size of the die was around the same size as a EMPTY standard envelope!!!

You know I don’t care if it was priority mail or not this is a rip off. And I have ordered things and had them sent first class and there is only a day’s difference in getting my package.

Now I shipped this die to my friend in the UK in a padded envy ALONG with some other things and the envy was full. It cost me $6.07 to send this to my friend from here in the US to the UK . A difference of $23.73

Now yes I sent it first class and not priority but I have sent a lot of package to the UK first class and priority and there is no difference in the time they received the package.

Come on folks now is this the way we want to spend our money??? I know I have opened my eyes big time after this experience and I will not be ordering from company’s like this ever again. How about you?? I think we all need to stick together and stop spending our money in stores like this and spend our money at the business’s that treat us right.

I just placed a order last week from Susana’s Custom Art and Cards and I was charged for shipping what it cost to ship it nothing more. The fast and friendly service I got from Susana was just perfect. This lady treats her customers like she would like to be treated and her prices for what she has in her store is a very reasonable price. This lady will be getting a LOT of my business that is for sure.

I also placed a order with Frantic Stamper last week and was charged what it cost to ship it nothing more. The service was fast and friendly also.

There are a lot of company’s out there that are good to us and these 2 places I just placed a order with I was also given a little free gift. My business will be going to these company’s that don’t rip me off in shipping charges from now on that is for sure. These people care about there customers.

Please take the time to leave me a comment on your thoughts about this and let’s all stick together and start ordering from the company’s that care about us and not just there to rip us off in shipping just to put more money in there pockets.

If you agree with me please add one of these banners to your blog.


If I can’t find what I want at the company’s that treat me well, then I don’t need the blasted product then. How about you???? Like I said I work to hard for my money !!!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and as always sending you Big Hugs (((((((((())))))))))))


  1. I could'nt agree more, you are so right, these company' are ripping every last one of us off....if at all possible, I prefer to deal with the likes of Joanna Sheen, there is no charge for delivery at all and I have always found the service to be first class.xx

  2. I live on a tight budget and refuse to pay massive shipping costs also. I am always looking around for a good deal!! If it costs to much and huge shipping costs I won't buy it!
    Caroline x

  3. Im like you - I refuse to checkout when the postage is outrageous!

    I use Joanna Sheens site mainly in the UK for as much as I can, as its FREE p&p and thats the dealbreaker for me!

    She is also very competitive on prices, so obviously not greedy either.



  4. I am 110% behind this Donalda, I refuse to be ripped of with extortionate shipping charges, especially when hidden behind a fancy box!!! I would rather do without. Off to post the banner on my blog and link back to this post.

    Bravo lady, it's about time someone said ENOUGH!!! PTI you ought to be flipping ASHAMED of yourselves!!!!

  5. I agree, I've cleared my shopping cart on many occasions when I have been confronted with astronomical shipping costs.

    You are right, if we all stick together then surely 'they' will be forced to pay attention.

    'Gonna put the banner on my blog with a link back here.

    Warm wishes, Julie Ann x

  6. I totally agree with you! There has been many times when I had things in my shopping carts and go to check out and find the shipping charges outrageous and just left the site. $6.50 for a set or two of clear stamps? No thank you, I don't need it that bad.

  7. I'm also with you 100%....many times I have popped things into my basket but when I've got to the checkout and seen the shipping cost I haven't bothered...
    There are several companies in the UK that do shipping free Jonanna Sheen and Cutting Edge crafts amongst them....
    ALl we ask for is to pay for actual postage plus a little bit for packaging....
    WIll also pop your Banner on my blog...


  8. Completely behind you on this one. The stupid thing is with these companies, I would probably spend a LOT of money with them to make it worth my while to ship to the UK, but as it stands I don't buy anything from them at all.

    I'm going to grab your banner and put it on my blog. xx

  9. I will get shot down for this comment BUT:
    I have an online business AND if you check it out, you will see that I charge a whole lot less than most other shops.....I have a standard postage rate of $7.95 regardless of how much you order...I'm not there when you place your order so it just goes through at the standard price...HOWEVER if you contacted me BEFORE placing your order, I'd be happy to arrange for you to pay actual postage...generally much higher than the amount I'm charging you....WHY am I saying this??? Well my aim isn't to rip anybody off, if you look at my product costs to you, pretty fast you would realise this...I love scrapping, this is one way that I can afford my passion and hopefully supply you with cheaper products as well....Now don't hate me...BUT I'm rarely covering my postage costs EVER...
    Thanks for letting me have my say

  10. Yep! I totally agree too. I love PTI products but have stopped buying them now because the shipping, THEN the added VAT from Customs and Royal Mail's cut too make it a ridiculous price! I have started buying more My Favorite Things from Dies to Die for because they have started doing some fantastic matching dies for their clear stamps.

  11. I couldn't agree with you more! This is why I do not end up buying alot online! I have my own business, and I do ship out first class. The LOWEST you can charge for first class, even if it only weighs one ounce, is 1.75 when printed out through paypal. I only charge customers the $1.56 of that and pay the extra 19 cents myself for the tracking number. So I don't even charge the customer the full cost b/c I feel the tracking number is for my own benefit anyways, so why pass that along?! I do this b/c I HATE getting ripped off myself. And when I print off my postage, I always have the amount shown that way customers can see they didn't get overcharged. It's very important! I support you and your ideas! :)

  12. I'm 110% behind you on this one. PTI has lovely stuff but I've bought nothing from them because of the outrageous shipping charges. Don't companies like that realise if the shipping costs were reasonable they'd get more sales. I'm off to link this to my blog. Hugs x

  13. You know that in Canada we also can get brokage fees on top of those huge shipping charges?!?!? That is totally insane!! I don't buy either when it come to that.
    I once had to pay to get my shipping from the USA that my husband order for me for my birthday. When you add shipping (that was not that bad) with brockage fees... it's way to much... so I'm not buying that anymore...

  14. I too am with you 100 percent, what you have said is totally true, I will be posting the banner on my blog too, an popping a link on to your blog.
    Sue xo

  15. So agree was going to be charge $US28 by Blick in US to have five pens sent to Oz yes nearly thirty dollars for something tiny and light!!
    Ggguess what I bought two sets (10 pens) on eBay for less than the shipping cost alone! total of $US18 posted! Rip of merchants, Shaz in oz.x

  16. I totally agree Donalda, I also don't check out when I see high shipping costs. I have been on some lovely sites where the seller goes that extra mile to make sure you are happy and want to return, quiet a few will combine orders as well for a few pence more (especially on ebay) Free shipping does play a big part in where I shop! I will be putting your banner on my blog with a link here

  17. I whole heartedly agree. I love PTI stamps but have never placed an order as the shipping prices are outrageous. I love shopping at places like Simon Says Stamp and Frantic Stamper who go above and beyond to ensure that I have a great shopping experience.

  18. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY you go there I soooo agree with you its absolutely disgraceful I know postage here in the uk has increased but not much & I dont mind how my things come, whether box or envelope or bag as long as they arrive undamaged & the postage is of reasonable cost. If these companies had any sort of brain where they sell products that are hard to buy elsewhere then they could make an absolute killing as more people would buy it from them. When I go to any online store its extremely rare I will buy just 1 item & always end up browsing & yes quite a few things often fall in that cyber basket lol.
    Come on companies put your business head on & take your greedy one makes sense to to keep postage low then more people will shop with you which then earns you a bigger turn over.........really is it sooooo hard to figure that one out.

    I'm off to put your badge on my blog hun thank you for making a stand...

    Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

  19. Hi I think it tends to put us off buying from other countries too. Though on the other sude of the debate I posted 3 cards to Australia for a benefit night and I nearly died as it cost me 8.47 to post it ! Another point is a craft superstore here prices are ridiculous and that's buying there and then. It's the same as all shopping you need to do your homework first. Maybe we should all compile a wee list of where we shop that is doing it right ! Thanks fit an interesting debate ! Kitty :D

  20. I'm with you 100% on this. It's a total rip off with some of these companies. Like you I shop around and only give my business to sites that are reasonable P & P. I have also had other products apart from Craft ones which are packed in ridiculous size boxes and filled with chips or plastic.
    Thanks for raising awareness
    xx Vee

  21. I agree with you that their P&P prices are massively overpriced. To get shipped to the UK where I am is stupid. It is better to buy more from them than little up to the P&P mark, i.e. see how much you can add before the shipping goes up to the next level. I stopped buying from them for a long while, about a year or so, but have bought some things from them recently. Their procts are great and very reasonable priced I just don't understand why they charge so much for shipping and your maths goes to show that they don't have to. There are other shops I buy from in the US and get shipped to the UK that charge a lot less. I will say though that their procts are well packaged although the box for your one die is a bit exessive! Thanks for sharing this issue with us xx

  22. I agree. Myself, I dare not command the states or others because of high shipping costs, while prices are much cheaper than in France. Why pay expensive shipping for a weight that is not excessive?
    I hope this will change.

  23. I'm totally with you!!!
    Have a banner on my panel now.
    And thanks for links to those stores! I also like 123stitch.

  24. Boy oh boy. You got that right. I thought I was getting ripped off by one company but found out that if I ordered at least $25, the shipping was free. So I goofed up there but did reorder in the end. But I've paid way to much for some things also. Glad others feel the same way.

  25. I so totally agree - I live in Sweden and sometimes I place an order for thin things, just like you, and maybe the cost is 20 dollars and the they want to charge 37 dollars for shipping... So I don't make it ... I just leave it there and prefer not to buy...


  26. I'm like everyone else, I put items in my basket and then go to check out and if the P&P is too high I abandon the basket. I love PTI stuff and have bought once from them but never again, I prefer to source in the UK, and even some shops in the UK charge too much. It pays to shop around.


  27. YOU GO GIRL! I AGREE 100%! I won't buy it if the shipping is ridiculous!!!

    Hugs, Dena

  28. ohhh Yes I am behind you 100%.
    That's why I am shopping only at SCACD.
    Other'shop give nice price, but ohhh boy the shipping cost is killer.

  29. I refuse to pay charges like this, never use companies outside uk,

  30. 150% behind you,this is stopping these stupid companys getting business.cant they see that.
    Sue xx

  31. Me too! I recently bought something on Etsy, paid TEN dollars shipping, and it arrived in a NORMAL envelope. Not even padded! ONE regular stamp!
    Even worse, I complained about some yarn to Caron and they agreed to replace it- it came with $3.41 POSTAGE DUE!!!


  32. I live in N. Ireland which is still part of the UK but you'd not know it by the way some mainland shops charge for delivery - to my knowledge Royal Mail doesn't change its fees except for outlying islands that are truly hard to get to, but we have a twice-daily mail plane here so IMHO they should charge just the same to post an item here as anywhere else in the UK, however, that's not always the case. I don't mind if the company uses a courier as they do charge £20+ but otherwise cannot see how any company can justify excessive postal charges for any reason.

    Mind you I've the same gripe with Ebay - too many sellers putting the actual price of the item into the postage and then just seeing how much more they can get for it after that - sinful is all it is!!!

    Thanks for highlighting it - maybe you should indeed join with others to highlight those companies who do charge a fair price.

  33. I totally agree if they charge me an arm & a leg for shipping I don't shop there. Why do they need to put stuff in stuck a huge box? I'm starting my own store and had to go check what I had picked for shipping choices. If they want it shipped parcel post that's fine with me!!

  34. I agree. I live in Finland and order a lot of items from the UK and U.S.A. but some companies' shipping charges are totally unreasonable. And when asked if they could use another shipping method or a flat rate envelope (which often is the cheapest option if ordering several items) they reply no. Well, that's a sure way to lose a customer.

    Thank you for addressing this problem.

  35. I agree too and i'm in the US. There are many times I would love things from Europe but alot of the shipping charges are crazy so I don't order. I love places that let you spend so much and you get free shipping. I stay away from spendy shipping it's not worth it to me.

  36. Hi Donalda, I soooo totally agree. As much as I would like to, I've never bought anything from PTI because of the excessive shipping to the UK. Though I do place a lot of orders with USA based online stores, I do check a variety of UK stores to see what the item price and p&p costs are first. Only if it's more cost effective do I place an order with the likes of SCACD, Frantic Stamper, Simon Says, 1-2-3 Stitch etc whose shipping charges to UK are reasonable. I've stopped buying from several USA based online stores as the shipping has increased to a level that I'm not prepared to pay. I've lost count of the number of packages that I've opened that have been mainly packaging!

    If I had a blog I'd put the badge on it. Instead I'm 150% behind you!

    Hugs, Pauline x

  37. I so agree with you Donalda. I stopped ordering from PTI a long time ago. The shipping was ridiculous. I'm sure they have lost a lot of business anyway as people aren't daft. There are lots of other businesses who are doing well and still managing to put their customers first. Well done on raising the issue. Perhaps if enough people complain or better still, stop ordering from these companies, we might see a change for the better.
    Edna x

  38. So sad to hear of these charges. Some companies call is shipping and handling. Therefore the $ covers more than the actually postage it covers the pay check of the person getting it ready to ship They must be making hundreds of dollars an hour with these fees added in. I think companies are lazy in their packaging. Like the box you showed, it would have taken actual work to send in a right sized pkg. They aren't being very green are they Go us, refuse to buy from people getting more $ than they should..

  39. I totally agree with you. There is a well known TV sales/craft club here in England who I refuse to buy from for the exact reason that the shipping charges are so high. I always check the P+P and add that helps me decide where I buy from.

  40. Totally agree, they sucker you in with a great price for the product and then BOOM they get you with the shipping.

  41. I have always been this way when shopping! I HATE paying for shipping costs so I always try to wait and buy more at once so I can qualify for free shipping OR go to places that sell stuff at what they should cost to ship and nothing more! Also the little freebies some companies include don't cost much but they mean alot to people like me when I take the time to spend money with a company...good customer service is always a must too!! Susana is always very good about that as I have ordered from her a few times! :)

  42. One Million percent agree - I too have been totally robbed by companies who want to charge the earth for shipping and tend to stick to a few companies who either do not charge, or charge exactly what it costs to send.

    There are many times I have had to empty my shopping cart due to high shipping charges.


  43. I too agree with you it's a total rip off!

  44. I totally agree with you!!!!
    I've put banner on my blog.

  45. Hi honey you are so spot on sweetie, i get ripped off all the time, so now i dont bother ordering, i get my things from 2 places only Dies to die for and Quixotic Paperie as they are always fair with postage and treat me well, off to post this on my blog now, good on you sweetie x x x

  46. I totally agree with you. I never buy from companies that charge excessive shipping. I sometimes do business with companies that charge a maximum of £2 for shipping but, if possible, I order from companies with FREE P&P. There are some Ebay sellers and smaller crafty companies that do not charge P&P.
    I'll put your banner on my blog.
    Good luck, I hope your message gets through x

  47. Here, Here x

    I have waited almost two weeks for my goods to arrive from Create and Craft!!!

    I am a member & paid £2.99 p+p, why it has taken sooo long I will never know. That is England to England. I would understand if it was being shipped out to the U.S.A.

    I do look for free p+P where ever possible & must say that the service is good.

    I shall post the banner on my blog too luv.
    BUT ..... if we stopped paying out then they will soon get the message!!

    hugs sally x

  48. I totally agree with you Donalda, I like everyone else have seen this first hand but the worst was a watercolouring paper pad for £4.95 and because it was coming from Scotland to Northern Ireland (about 50 miles as the crow flies) the guy wanted to charge me £19.95 for shipping (I have bought similar and the shipping for 4 of them was £2.50), I asked him if I was paying for his flight here as I have flown to England for less than that, I didnt buy it or have never gone back since...charge how much it costs its not hard to do is it...I only shop online at places who charge fair postage like Ebay or Bunny Zoe's go girl
    Mina xxx

  49. Hi Donalda
    I have come to your blog (via Bev's blog). I TOTALLY agree with you, I now ALWAYS check the P&P before I buy anything. I ordered some small pizza boxes (through ebay) from a company (to post cards in) there was no mention of how much the P&P was, UNTIL I went to pay for them, imagine my shock/horror when I found that the P&P was a lot more than the boxes. Another company was selling the exact same boxes, BUT (wait for it) their P&P was a quarter of the price of the other company. I did complain to the company, BUT surprise surprise three months down the line, have still not heard anything from them. These companies must either think we are stupid & don't seem to care if we place further order's with them.
    Sandra (craftynan)

  50. I am so in your corner Domalda. The excessive shipping charges occur in the UK too. For example, i live in Northern ireland which is part of the UK. If I wish to order a pack of paper from a well known stationery supply company in England which costs £11.79 the delivery charge is £15.00. yet if I live in England the charge is only £2.90!!! Yet if I order card stock from Joanna Sheen who is based in England I receive it free postage and Joanna is only a small company compared to the big stationery company which shlould be more able to absorb postage costs. ( I'm afraid I don't have a blog)


  51. Well said Donalda, I've been completely priced out of the market, having such a tight budget I know have to ask family and friend to buy me specifics for my birthday or Christmas. As for stamps I prefer the digital variety where shipping is not an issue! Hugs Jillix

  52. well said Donald, I too have got to the checkout and seen the shipping only to not go ahead. It is outrageous.

  53. I totally agree, the first thing I look at is shipping charge, then decide if I really need it, usually not, in the case of some unmounted the stamps the cost can be equal to the product price.
    Well they can keep it.
    Ann x

  54. ~Stands and applauds Donalda~

    I so so agree with you! I don't mind paying reasonable p and p - but yes be fair! For this reason I never order PTI either.

  55. I agree with you 100% I have stopped ordering form a lot of companies due to their shipping fees. I found a great place and NO SHIPPING CHARGE it is called they carry many many well known brands I just got a whole bunch of clear stamps and other things and it was only $21.15it was delivered by UPS and I love this company I have been buying many things from them they have a clearance all the time and BOGO"S too.they carry MS products K& Company,Fiskars,Copic's just to name a few give it a try and see what they are getting they don't carry Nellie stamps. but they do carry a lot of wonderful things I also go to they also have so many great deals. with us being on a fixed Income I have to be very very careful what I buy. so I ask for a lot of my things for gifts for Christmas,& Birthday so I buy once a month and make due whit what I have I know two ladies that have stopped all together buying it just isn't in their budget these days with food prices going up and up and everything else going up but there are no raises anymore for so many folks. I am still having to wait on getting copics they are just out of my price range.... well I hope you can stick to your guns. I love doing the projects and creating things but it does get very pricey...
    ~ God Bless~
    Hugs :o)

  56. Even here in the states we face high shipping charges. I tried to order 3 tiny jars of Twinkling H2Os from LuminArte and they wanted to charge me $13.45 for shipping. 3 jars stacked were 2" high and 1" in diameter, a little bigger around than a U.S. quarter. Naturally, I'd rather do without and they have a lot of colors I'd buy except for the excessive shipping.

  57. Hi I'm from the UK and I too don't check out if the postage is too high, it is disgusting. Some companies keep adding it on for every £10 you spend. The shopping channels are the worst for P&P aswell they charge you around £2.95 per item you buy, so they must make a fortune, I don't really buy anything from them anymore. I shop at Joanna Sheen, she has free P & P and her prices are great and the minimum spend is just £5.00, I also have to say I have bought some craft items from the states because the postage was cheaper than getting it here in the UK. So yes I am with you on this and I will be displaying the badge.

  58. Donalda, I so agree with you!!! I do a lot of shipping but charge no more than what the actual postage is. The item you received could have been shipped USPS Priority domestically for $5.20 in a small flat rate box or for $4.95 in a small padded flat rate envelope. Internationally it would have been $13.95 for the small flat rate box or padded envelope. Those are post office prices. I print my own labels and save on the postage. Adding to the shipping to cover handling charges is ridiculous and greedy. Part of business activities is handling the merchandise for shipping! Thanks for bringing this up and I will be posting the banner!

  59. OMG I would want to hit someone in PTI for shipping that out! I hate having to abandon a basket when I have put so much thought into what I really want...due to shipping. I live in the states and do order from PTI(must have the cardstock) but I save my pennies and make an order over $70 then the shipping is free. Otherwise I would not order from them. I have found many companies overseas that have reasonable shipping and they do get my business! I am absolutely in love with the Sugar Nellies and WOC that when I saw they charge reasonable shipping I was able to get some FAB products.

    I will def put the badge on my blog!


  60. PTI is a company of which products I love but never buy because the shipping costs are outrageous... So I completely agree with you!

  61. Ugghh!! Don't get me started lol Ive had a rant on my blog about this a while ago lol If i order anything... even a cd from Create and Craft... they charge me £10.00 postage!! But if I am in Northern Ireland (still the same country) they only charge £2.99. It's crazy and some companys really should be outed for this carry on and there should be a law against it!!
    Fiona L x
    Ps. I will deffinatly be adding this banner to my blog and I hope everyone else will too!

  62. I know shipping is high. I live in the states and if I ship out of country it cost me over $5 to ship to like Australia. If I send in post office boxes, they are more flimsy and cost more than the boxes I use. Like me for my easel cards I ship them in boxes I buy special. A die if you ship in a padded envelope, it can be bent because my mailman doesn't care if it says do not bend they bend them anyway. Also if someone sells on ebay or etsy, we have to pay crazy fees especially for ebay. I have buy special boxes, and bubble wrap. I charge the least I can. Other wise I might as well give things away, which I cannot afford to do. I just heard that our post office is laying off a bunch of postman's and that they are wanting to go down to I think it was 4 days a week. Right now they ship monday through saturday. This economy is killing people, and I look for things to get worse. Our country is in a horrible mess, and it is causing the little people like me to where we can hardly afford to make a living. My daughter found a job, but by the time she pays daycare and gas, she would only make $80 every two weeks which is not enough and she would never see her son. Something has to give here in the States, and it doesn't look like any one in our govt. has the guts to do it, or the care. I think all the time, if things don't change, I'm not going to be able to keep stamping. I guess we are just going to have to become more creative with what we have. I know there are some that are greedy! There will always be those who are, but a lot of people are just trying to keep their heads above water. Hugs! Just keep shopping for the best prices.

  63. About time someone said something. I hate getting ripped off on shipping. I buy a lot from Joanna Sheene shipping is free. I also look on the websites that says free delivery. As for Create and Craft they are the biggest thieves their shipping charges are hilarious.Also I buy all my Spellbinders dies with once upon a stamp they are very reasonable and friendly and free shipping and they sell lots of other stuffs as well.


  64. I totally agree with you and everyone else I will be adding your banner to my blog.

    Thanks for doing this.

    Hev xx

  65. i agree, i always check out different sites and their postage, you shouldn't be paying more for postage than the damn item!! name and shame!!!

  66. I live in South Africa and let me tell you the cost of postage and packaging at some companies is absolutely scandalous!! At times I've also had to cancel at checkout because the cost of P&P is just not worth the products you're wanting to purchase. If we all stand together and boycott those companies that charge excessively, then surely they must do something! Am going to place the banner on my blog too.

  67. Hi Donalda I totally agree with you it has stopped me buying from them all too. I use to purchase a few things from the US due to me not being able to source them and a lot of the companies were fair but then there were some that weren't. The only problem I found then was that our customs would then rip us off unless the company stated that it was a gift but now they wont do that.
    I really want to order from PTI for there acetate boxes as although I have tried and tried to source them here I can't get them but I can't afford the postage when they are so steep knowing that it wont be finished there because customs will add about another £20 on top. So if anyone knows where else I can source these (the square 6x6) can they please, please let me know. Off now to add your logo to my blog.
    Max x

  68. I agree with you Donalda. I do tend to check what the postage is before I decide to buy. I often buy from companies here in the uk that are reasonable like eg Joanna Sheen. I work in the Post Office so I have a good idea what postage charges should be!

    My worst experience was when I bought a set of clear Hero Arts stamps from the USA that I couldn't find anywhere here. The postage was bad enough but the customs charge was the last straw. My stamps must have been only a few pence over the limit for being charged VAT.

    Kat xx

  69. Good for you. I am 100% behind you. Totally fed up with being ripped off!

  70. Hi Donalda
    I, like you, get put off my purchase when I see the postage cost.
    This week I went on to OhMyCrafts and wanted to purchase 3 x 6" Doodlebug Cutting Mats with Knife. Two for little gifts for a couple of Crafting girl friends. Total $9.99. The added shipping was in the region of $36.00. No way.
    I do like to order from the US as I can often get thing before they are released here and at a much better price, but I don't want to be ripped off wuth postage.
    I am going to add the banner to my blog.
    Thanks for getting us all together on this on.
    Cally x

  71. Absolutely agree! I've been saying it for years and have not bought from various website just because of their shipping charges.


  72. Hi Donalda,

    I completely agree with you! That company specifically is one that I have never purchased from due to the outrageous cost of shipping because I am in Canada. I wish companies would take the extra 2 minutes and find appropriate packaging to suit the customers order. There is no way that wee die needed to go in a huge box, what a waste for the postal company not to mention you should of been $1 or less to ship that in a regular standard size if they don't have those on hand. Anyway, I have a variety of stores that I shop from as I am happy with their shipping, it arrives promptly and well packaged. I am with you 110%, thanks for being the voice for the rest of us!! It would be interesting to see if PTI has a comment. Why must they feel the need to rip people off so badly they refuse along with their friends to shop with them...they all write of shipping to a degree anyway as part of doing business!!

  73. Speaking as someone who regularly ship from the US to the UK I can tell you that shipping is expensive, plus you have to pay customers and VAT rates. I have just paid £550 to ship four boxes of scrapbook paper over here, then I had to pay an additional 20% VAT on those shipping charges when it entered the UK (not to mention the VAT on the products themselves).
    The answer is to bypass the uS and purchase in your own country :-)
    There are rules in place, you MUST pay VAT and import duties when you import something into the UK - why should you be let off those duties?

  74. I can only agree to everything said here, that´sfor sure. I too just dump the orer again, if the postage is soo high, cause it´s completely outragious, what some compagnies are charging us, andwe´re many, who just can´t afford that. When we have a certain small amount we can afford to spenfd, it´s really in sane if you´ll have to spend more than half of it on postage, so most times I just dump the order again.
    Thanks a lot for putting this up and hopefully it´ll help something, if enough people would back up on it. I do, that´s for sure.
    Have a great time ahead everyone.

  75. Cally said: "I can often get thing before they are released here and at a much better price"

    Why do you think that is?? Because there generally is NO sales tax in the US. Over here retailers pay high shipping costs to get the products into the country, then they have to pay VAT and other duties!!

  76. I soooo agree with you, but I've found that the UK companies rip you off more than the US ones. I have ordered stuff from the States and been cha!rged what I consider a fair price and then I've looked at stuff from the UK that has been a complete rip off! These companies - which ever side of the pond they are need to decide if they want to sell a whole lot of one offs or if they want satisfield customers that come back - cos if I get ripped off I never go back

  77. Laurian - tell the government to scrap the VAT, tell our suppliers to scrap their shipping costs, give us all our supplies at the same prices as they get in the US - then perhaps we can charge the same as the US retailers!!!!!!!!! GET REALISTIC PEOPLE!!!!!!

  78. Hi Donalda:
    I did post you badge and a message on my blog. I wish I could do more to control these outrageous shipping charges.
    God Bless

  79. I'm another who totally agrees with you Donalda.
    I live in Australia and wanted to buy two thin dies from spellbinders and they want....wait for it..........US$84.67 to ship it to Australia...I wrote to them asking if they couldn't put it into a flat padded envelope and they didn't even have the decency to reply.

  80. I agree with you 100%. It is ridiculous what they charge us. Thank you for doing something about it. I am definitely on your side.

  81. Oh my lord you should see the shipping charges to us here in Australia!!! Makes it very hard on the budget to get some of the beautiful things we see everyone using overseas.

  82. It was mentioned above to create a list of companies who do ship reasonably and without excessive costs or unnecessary packaging....I would love to see that list! I'd like to mention There She Goes stamps who send to Australia for less than the postage here within Australia itself. Amazing! I know it's not insured but my packages have always arrived safely and the postage was $40 less than other overseas companies. Waltzingmouse stamps are also much more reasonable to Oz.

  83. I totally agree with you Donalda!
    I wanted to buy those gorge dies from Cheery Lynn Designs. I ordered 3 and the shipping rate was US$ 13.95 and the handling costs (?) US$ 5 together that is almost as expensive as one die! I have never paid so much for shipping before. I love those dies but I won't buy them at that place again.
    Your badge will be at my sidebar shortly.
    Have a great Sunday.
    Hugs Yolanda

  84. I agree with you 110 percent. 7 kids has charged me excessively too. Susana at SCACD is the best store there is for customer service, reasonable prices, friendliness and she makes you feel as if you are her only customer!! I would love to post your whole letter on my blog next week!!

  85. I see I am in good company! I too have cancelled online orders because of P&P charges and I have written to a few companies complaining about those charges -Crafts U Love is one that comes to mind, but of course didn't receive any acknowledgement. I live in the ROI where online papercraft shops are very scarce but I purchase all I can from who provide a fab, friendly and fast service - P&P a flat 3Euro. I have considered UK customers of UK sites to be very fortunate as quite a few do not charge P&P.
    Unfortunately Donalda I do not have a blog so cannot further your/our cause by posting your badge but I will pass on the info wherever I can.

    Wishing you every success in making your displeasure known, and a BIG CLAP ON THE BACK!


  86. Donalda,
    You hit the nail on the head! I have quit buying some of the stamps I love (h'A) because I refuse to pay double the cost of the stamp for shipping. I am posting your symbol on my blog and linking back to your post! It is time all consumers take a stand against rip offs! Yeah! for you! hugs patty

  87. I agree with you 110%. I have bought from PTI (once only) and several of us got together to place a bulk order, in the hope that we might save! HaHa!! I will never buy from them again - an absolute rip off all the way round. There are many companies now who offer reasonable or no shipping costs in the UK if a certain value is purchased, and now I only purchase from these places.
    But I also apply the pricing rule to my purchasing and found the new colours of distress stains being sold for £3.50 each instead of the standard rate of £4.99 - a no brainer.


  88. I so totally agree with what has been said. Shipping and handling is outrageous on many of the on line stores. I, like you, refuse to pay those prices. I support you 110%. I don't have a blog so can't post your banner but will further the cause anyway I can. Do these stores realize the business they are losing? I have sent emails asking why they charge so much for shipping and handling but never receive an answer.
    Thank you for giving us a place to vent. If we support each other maybe they will change these outrageous fees.

  89. I totally agree, Donalda! I have cancelled out many a shopping cart due to unreasonable shipping charges. There are a few companies who will ship for free to Canada if you purchase over $125, but that is a pretty big purchase for me!

    Unfortunately, I can't live without my PTI paper. I can only place one order a year, just before a family member comes to Canada to visit from the US (good thing they drive it!). I order a full year's supply of paper and make sure I am over their free shipping within the US amount, since 10 packages of their paper weighs a LOT! Isn't it funny that they suck up a lot of shipping costs there, but then ship so unreasonably out of county! (and as someone else mentioned, they ship to Canada by courier, which means at least another $25 processing fee for the courier to bring the order across the border)

    Another pet peeve is shops that make you go through the entire checkout process before it tells you the shipping charges, including creating an account... only to find out that their shipping is unreasonable . What a waste of time.

  90. I too have emptied my basket online due to shipping charges, I am in Australia and some companies are very good like WOC they have excellent service and the shipping is extremely reasonable. A couple of months ago I went to order some ribbon in the UK and this company wanted to charge me $30 to ship to Australia, I quickly emptied my shopping cart and havn't been back since, now how heavy is Ribbon? and if you are careful you could pack it really small, I was not ordering rolls Just lengths I didn't understand why it could possibly cost so much to ship! I never order anything anymore if the shipping is too high. Well done for making a stand.
    Hugs Cheryl

  91. I had a nasty surprise when I won something from the US & though it was marked as a GiFT the UK customs (because the item was marked as the value it was & the GIFT exceeded the value set by the govenment - the sender is not covered by insurance if he lies so stands to lose a great deal should the postal system anywhere lose the item) added import duties & then charged me handling plus VAT on top of that. Retailers here in the UK that import goods from the USA - as far as I understand - have to pay import duty & then charge their customers the government tax on top . Something is very wrong somewhere & I suspect there are POLITICS involved. Economic circumstances dictate that I only buy what I can afford & therefore I only buy from companies that I trust & always factor in the postal charges when calculating the cost of an item. I buy from two companies regularly - Joanna Sheen & Chocolate Baroque because they are reliable & fair in pricing.
    Paula (PEP)
    Thanks for raising the subject Donalda.

  92. Hi Everyone!! I totaly agree with you.. In country when I am living (Malaysia) I have to very cafore with craft companies shipping and prise as well.. Do you know how much Spellbinders die-cut (standart) cost here?!!! 48$us per set!!! Magnolia stamps?!! 26$us per piece!! And prise double/three times more expensive for everything. And now I buy craft product from England,from Amerika... And crying I dont live there ))) I bougth product from different companies and now I love buy from "Simon Says Stamp" (like general) and was so happy about "Lili of the Valley".

    Natali (Sorry my English)

  93. Oh I TOTALLY agree! There is a stamp set that I want from a UK's unmounted rubber maybe 5 x 8 in size, what they want to ship it is MORE than the stamp!!! I refuse to pay it. I want the darn thing and they are the only company that sells it, but I just can't do it! Even here in the US there are companies that I won't do business with since their shipping charge are outrageous! If I go to a company that I haven't done business with before the first thing I do is try to find the shipping cost...if they won't tell you till check out that's a bad sign right there!

  94. This has happened to me so many times and it is so frustrating! Way to go Donalda I am 100% with you on this! Kim

  95. You are so so right Donalda, and I applaud you for taking a stand! Papertrey Ink is notorious for this, and although they have some really nice stuff I limit my ordering with them to once a year, and then not even very much so I don't go up to the next extortionate shipping price level !

    In contrast, I also order stamps and dies from My Favorite Things and they have a special rate for stamps & dies ready for this...$ 5.45!!! From the US to the Netherlands!! They ship in normal envelopes where possible and have a fast and friendly service too, so they are, indeed, my favorite thing ;o)

    Going to put your sign on my blog and link back here, thank you for taking a stand!

  96. Hey Donalda, i'm totally agree with you. In France it's hard to find all for scrapbooking, so we buy in US or UK, and sometimes, like you say, the P&P are out of raison!!! and i not buy!
    so i will put your banner on my blog and a link.
    thanks Donalda!

  97. Hi there, I totally agree with everything that has been said. I own a uk craft website, I have a standard charge of £2.49 et for anything under £30 then after that it is free. For international sales I get the person to email me their order, weigh the package and charge the exact amount of postage. We small companies try so hard to compete with the biggies out there, and it's really hard for us, postage charges take up a massive amount of money, but I do try to be fair.
    Julia xx

  98. Hi, I also totally agree, I would love to order from abraod but the postal charges are too much.I buy from places that have free postage then I can spend more on my crafting... x

  99. For Gods sake! I have never known anyone bitching so much about postage and packing as you crafters!! Pay the bloody charges that are due and shut up! And how about supporting the British economy and BUY IN BRITAIN!!!
    Most retailers subsidise shipping charges, they are generally TOO CHEAP!
    Makes me laugh that you epxect United States retailers to CHEAT British custom and mark parcels as gifts! Did you know that many British retailers now actively shop US retailers who do this to Customs and Excise? Someone who blatantly steals in this way from the British government is Simon says stamp - and they have been shopped several times. No doubt they will get theirs in due time! SHAME ON YOU ALL!!!

  100. Why should retailers pay for your postage? Only a crafter would expect free postage! My God!

  101. Here is another retailer that is amazed at this outcry. We have to pay a HUGE bill each month to pay for postage and packing, what we get from our customers in p&p charges only cover part of that bill. I have to agree with the other retailer on here that only crafters would complain about having to pay to have their goods sent to their front door, all nicely wrapped up and protected. Did you know that we have to pay 20% of the shipping charges to the government? Oh yes, even those are taxed.

    If you can get Royal Mail/couriers to ship for free, then we will throw in all the expensive packaging and in turn ship to you for free. How's that?

  102. I too am 100% behind you on this. I've lost count of the number of times I've had a browse through an on-line store, added items to my basket and only then at checkout found out that the postage is outrageous. It is then that I do not proceed to complete my order, but more annoying is that I've probably wasted a great deal of my precious time.
    Its time these 'crooks' were brought into line

  103. CROOKS? Because they have the AUDACITY to actually charge you for shipping the goods to your door???????????????????????????????

  104. Thank goodness someone else has the same problem.
    i own a website and sell on eBay, i charge according to size and weight according to Royal mails pricing chart.
    I add 20p on top of the actual postage cost for the stiff card envelopes which i buy and only charge what they cost me to purchase.
    I make refunds to eBay customers daily when they forget or simply don't bother to request the total to receive their combined postage discount.
    A pain in the B.m yes! but satisfied customers are returning customers, and that's what being a trader is all about.
    Most websites charge a minimum of £2.50 no matter how small the item.
    On my website all my items are calculated by weight and i have my shipping cost set to calculate the weight of the items purchased and the cost of shipping.
    Why can't all websites do this??
    if i purchase a small stamp why should i pay £2.50 for shipping?
    if i purchase a pack of 10 A4 card stock i pay the same £2.50 it is not fair.
    a unmounted rubber stamp plus a bubble bag should not cost more than £1.00 first class post. 75p for a large letter stamp and 25p for the bubble bag, cello bag, invoice, labels or business cards. (Printer inks when printing invoices)
    so why are these websites charging £2.50?
    You can get a lot of unmounted stamps in a bubble bag for the same shipping cost up to 100g.
    I know some people even charge for the trip to the post office. petrol, time, effort, etc....What a liberty...
    I do hope some website and eBay sellers read these posts, perhaps they will realise we are not happy bunnies and take heed.
    As a trader and seller i am right behind this effort to get sellers to stop ripping off their customers with extortionate shipping and handling costs.
    if i can do it without losing out and ripping off my customers and keep the cost to a minimum, so can they.
    I will add the Logo to my website and my Blog.

  105. I agree that SOME companies do charge excessive amounts for p+p and I would like to see this change. To any retailers reading these comments. I think it is generally understood that smaller businesses have to charge some p+p to help cover their costs; we also understand that here in the UK there are certain taxes that make some of the products more expensive here than in the US. We are complaining about those companies that charge EXCESSIVE amounts of p+p. There is one company I deal with that charges a set amount of p+p at check out, but if the parcel costs less than that amount to post, she refunds the difference, the company is Dies to Die For, I applaud her for this and thank her very much. It is often difficult when ordering from a website to take size and weight into account, all we are asking is that the p+p should be realistic.

  106. Ah bless!! @ the anonymous commenters who don't have the guts to leave a comment with their names attached, have the common decency to stand behind what you say and stop hiding behind anonymous comments. Shame on YOU!!!!

    Could it be the squealers are the rip off retailers?

  107. "Anonymous said...

    CROOKS? Because they have the AUDACITY to actually charge you for shipping the goods to your door???????????????????????????????"

    No - because they have the audacity to rip us off with EXCESSIVE P&P charges. Note this is not FAIR and REASONABLE P&P charges that we are talking about and more than happy to pay! It might be a good idea if you read the original post properly!

  108. I don't expect to get get something for nothing, and I don't like getting ripped off either. I have purchased from several companies in the States and had excellent P & P rates, you have to keep custom charges in mind, that's another rip off. I ordered some goods from an Esty store in the US and kept the order under the amount so as not to pay customs and he added the p & p to the amount on the declaration customs form so I ended up having to pay £13.95 in charges £8 of which is handling.

    Noticed how the companies having ago about us moaning about P & P have kept there comment ANON.

    We are only asking for fairness

  109. I wanted to order some 3-D sheets from a company in the UK- the sheets are not available in the US as far as I know, they were $1.00 each...and for 10 of them, the shipping was $20.00. I just wanted to leave a comment that it is the same for us in the US ordering from 'across the pond'! I agree- it is nuts, so I deleted my order and will just admire the cards on the designers blog until someone in the USA starts carrying them.

  110. I totaly support this campaign. I love PTI but cannot justify paying thier p&p charges so dont buy from them. I don't mind paying p&p and do to the many companies I use online, so long as I feel the charge is fair.

  111. I agree about the reasonable s&h charges. don't mind paying fair fees. I too love PTI but only shopped once because of fees. And I found Susanna's store a while back and she is the best!! Never overcharges.

  112. Donalda, I agree that many countries both here in the USA & overseas price themselves out of the market with shipping & handling fees. While we don't have VAT, what kills many orders from my perspective is the exchange rate.

    With the dollar dropping, an item listed at 1 pound costs me $1.50 or more. Recently I received a sale email with items listed on sale for 1 pound. Great, but shipping charges to the USA? 15 pounds! So that deal would cost me $26.08 before adding my bank's foreign transaction fee of 4%.

    Personally I've cancelled orders as well when the shipping is outrageous.

    Thanks for having the courage to speak out. I look forward to more postings about companies that charge a fair rate.

  113. I happen to agree with this 100% and I sometimes sell stuff too and my biggest concern is can I fit it all in the smallest box/envelope and get it there safely who want's to pay for all that extra shipping when the 1st concern is how can I ship it there and save them money, so they will visit again. That box is overboard shipping costs for what is inside it!!! I've linked you on my site thanks for this hugs Nikki

  114. I'm with you Donalda. It drives me crazy when I spend an hour or so going through everything on a website and selecting my items only to get to the final check-out and be overwhelmed by the cost of shipping. I can't begin to count the number of times I have stopped my order at this point because the shipping/handling costs were so exhorbitant. I really appreciate the honest vendors out there that are charging the true cost of shipping. Why do they need to charge an extra $5.00 for handling? I guess it is the cost of the envelope and the drive to the post office? Unfortunately I don't have a blog to add your link, but I'm definitely with you on this issue.

  115. Shipping drives me nutty! I have a friend in the UK and we do swaps and try to save each other with items. But for me to sell her items from my little on line shop I always end up eating it on the shipping costs..By the time etsy take it's percentage and pay pal takes there's and I did count the item and back off 6% sales tax.. I make next to nothing. So I started my own blog shop to try and pass on discounts. I find the most efficient way to ship it and then pray it gets far so good. Many times I have made several round trips to the post office (My time & my gas) because I can not trust the online line way of figuring it out to be accurate. It always seems to change by the time I get to the post office. Did I say it makes me nutty at times that is an understatement.
    So add in the time,& energy and the cost of envelopes...what can I say..I'm not a very good business woman. So when I see other companies who I know can get shipping breaks...I too am irritated at the over pricing.

  116. I agree that we don't want something for nothing; this is not about that at all; Anonymous should think again & read the post properly - what we are talking about is excessive charges; we're not asking people to lie on Customs declarations, the law is the law & so I shop within my means & within Europe. What everyone is complaining about is shipping that is out of proportion; no Crafter wants a small business to go under but if people like Joanna Sheen & Chocolate Baroque can be fair in their postal charges why cannot others?? I would rather buy legally & pay a bit more than (until the law is changed) buy illegally & buy something cheaply - I'm not interested in stealing from others. Most people who know know that I do not rant - but I've made an exception; WELL SAID BEV & DONALDA!
    Now I'll stop typing before the keyboard breaks.
    Paula (PEP)

    Paula (PEP)

  117. Well said!!! Here are the totals from my order today. I did go ahead and place the order, only because I had a $20 gift certificate purchased for me so they had the money for that anyway.. as you can see, it didn't cover my shipping though...

    Shipping & Handling:

    All I got was two 6x6 paper pads and 6 mini tags.

    And the company - 7 Kids College Fund. I guess it's the shipping charges that will take care of the college funds.....

  118. I live in the UK and those shipping costs from PTI made me ignoring their products despite I loved them! When I now come across cards or things by this company in the web I just think of these rediculous prices and have to click them away - otherwise I would get SICK! How ignorant....

  119. I agree Donalda, thanks for highlighting the subject. I have blogged about it and put the pic in my sidebar. I am tired of being ripped off by unscrupulous vendors. I live in South Africa and am more than happy to pay the actual postage costs, I don't expect any business to subsidise me. I buy from Frantic Stamper in the US as her postage is fair and Joanna Sheen in the UK as they do not charge postage. Both companies offer excellent service! We need to boycott the companies that overcharge and support the fairly priced businesses. I will be looking at supporting a few of the fairly priced vendors mentioned in the comments. Thanks!

  120. I have been living in US less then a year (hope you will understand my English :-)). And when I came here the first thing I did - started discovering scrapbook supplies market. In my country (I came from Ukraine) EACH online store has free shipping offer starting with some amount. And they do not do it as charity - that is understandable that with bigger orders they got better turnover and that is more wise way to make business then just be paid for each move. Therefore I was a bit disappointed when could find only few stores with such offers in US. And they aren't with the best choice. But anyway there are stores with reasonable P&P rates. And there are some who it seems have more benefit from shipping then from selling. Some of them even calculate shipping rates depending on not only weight but price (the bigger order amount-the bigger shipping rates).
    I wanna ask the Anonymous how other stores manage reasonable shipping rate. Aren't they in the same country with the same laws and taxes? And what the hell with this huge box for the only die? What a box from refrigerator wasn't used then?
    Thank you Donalda for listing these two stores. I haven't found them when I googled. And looking forward to your post with blacklist and whitelist of stores.
    I have put you banner on my blog sidebar too.

  121. Wow! I'm a little shocked at what you were charged and the size of the box for that one item. Crazy!!
    There are definitely cheaper and better ways to ship.
    I own Stamp and Create. I am a small on-line store based in the US. I have a flat US rate of $5(free shipping for orders over $55) and international shipping of $8 for orders under $30 and $11 for orders over $30. I use the US post office for shipping. If the actual shipping is less than the amount paid, I refund the difference to the customer. On occasion, it may take me a few weeks to do the refund because I am a one-person operation and don't always get to the paperwork quickly - but I will refund the difference when I can.
    After reading some of the comments, I wanted to make a comment that I i am sorry, but my store does not show the shipping for the order until the check out. I use zencart and it's limited in what I can adjust - I'm a stamper not a computer person so I'm clueless on how to make too many adjustments. So I do apologize for that.
    I'm sorry that you were charged such outrageous fees!!

  122. Firstly thanks for speaking out, it's something i'm sure we're all guilty of thinking on a daily basis but never really highlight it. Definately got my support, I am aware that there is a recession going on, we are all on tighter budgets and to me buying stamps a nd crafting goodies has had to become the odd luxury such as instead of buying a box of jaffa cakes in my grocery shopping or a bottle of wine each week i'll save that money up over the month and i'll get a much longed for stamp instead i buy from a handful of UK based companies maybe once a month and not every company each month: Dies to Die for, Quixotic Paperie, Ribbon Girl, LOTV and occasionally Glitter Pot as they have reasonable p&p charges and offer exceptional customer service. I've never bought anything from US due to import charges and vat added on at this end.

    Secondly: The anonymous posters, hiding behind your anonymous tag, if you cannot stand up and show your face then in my opinion your comments mean nothing. If you value your business and believe your justified in the charges you make then have the balls to show your face....Cowards.

    Got my support

  123. You go girl! It's about time someone took a stand against those businesses that over and inflate shipping charges. You are not the only one that got a huge box filled with packing paper and a small set of Copics!!! Come on really???

    I find it quite funny that the anonymous comments left are literally slapping the hand that feeds them.

    Anonymous said...
    Why should retailers pay for your postage? Only a crafter would expect free postage! My God
    Hmmmm this is the type of response I WOULD expect from a grade school child. Wha Wha Wha Instead of listening to reason why we are making a stand against inflated shipping costs and that there is a possibility that this might cause their business to decrease in sales they make nasty comments. Okay so # 1 they over charge on shipping, they have won't back up their own defense with who they are, then they insult their customers!!! Sounds to me like bad business all around. Cowardly, insulting thieves!


    Thanks to all the people that left names of stores that over charge and stores that are charging a fair shipping rate.
    I hope that list continues to grow.
    Hugs Bonnie

  124. I agree with you 110% And I do not think anyone is saying they want to not be charged shipping and have it for free, more reasonable prices. And not twice the amount than the actual order.

    I once read on a store that they don't add extra postage to cover what they paid because that is something they paid to get it, and that it's the same as a customer making an order, they chose to pay the postage and I have to say I kinda agreed.

    I am a small Australian online store and I also buy online. So I try to ship for as little as I can and sometimes it can cost me $10-$20+ to ship, but I have only charged $6.50. BUT this is my choice to make the customer happy and to be able to get our stamps in their inky little fingers. And I have a FREE shipping for $55 over. And all other orders of 1-6 stamps is $2.50.

    I am a craft-a-holic and I have MANY times left an online store because they wanted to charge me $40+ for shipping a few stamps and some embellishments. Nothing worse than being so excited you found everything in the one store that you wanted then getting to check out and thinking BUGGER that, lol!


  125. I'm very glad to read your reactie about the shippingcosts. I'm agree with you and all craft-people here. I'm also stop often my orders when I saw after the shippingcost and handlingcost !!! I'm from Austria - my english is not so good - but I understand all you wrote.

  126. Hi all

    I agree that P&P charges can be far too much for craft items. I often find myself going back to Ebay if it's just for one item, as the charges there can sometimes be less and at least it's clear BEFORE you buy.

    I do find however, that prices online are a lot less than my local craft shop, so by the time the postage is added, I end up paying the same in the end - a lot of the time, the local shop just doesn't have what I want, anyway.

    I have recently shopped several times from Cuddly Buddly, here in the UK, who charge a flat rate shipping of £1.00, which is very reasonable and some of their prices for 'must have' items (Copics, Distress Inks)are very competitive. They will continue to get my business. I'm not affiliated to them in any way, just a crafter who appreciates good value and good service.

  127. I totally agree!
    PTI has the worse customer service!
    i have had once trouble with a spellbinder set that had a casting error and they were quite rude.

    I almost never order with 7Kids College Fund because i believe their shipping rates are a rip off as well. prices at first look good but than when you check out you pay a fortune and i know they just put it in a falterate envelope anyways

  128. Looks like this is a problem all around Europe and the United Staates! I totaly agree with you! I also had bad expirences with to high shipping costs. The shop first wrote the shipping is free, after I have payed the goods they wrote me a email I have to send more money for the shipping costs. They told me that the money will be lost if I don´t send the money for the shipping costs. They want 40 Euro more!!! Luckyly paypal was helping me getting my money bag! I´m from Austria and order lots of my goods from UK. xx Bianca

  129. I'm writing from Italy. I love scrapbooking... and I love shopping papers, inks etc. Often prices in US are extremely convenient (also because of the exchange rate), but shipping charges are terrible!!!! Further we have custom duties (but this is - of course - another matter). So I prefer to buy from european sellers. I thought in U.S. you had different rules for calculating shipping charges, but now I realize that some companies do not apply them proportionally.

  130. Yesterday I mailed one of my Easel Card in which I buy special boxes for them to fit. Yesterday here in the US, they charged me over $6.00 to ship this card! I have to use a 6 x 6" box to ship in, and I don't know if it is the size of the box or what....this card is pretty much like all other's I have been sending. I charged my customer $5.50, so I've lost 50 cents. I heard on the news where they are going to start laying off postal workers, a lot of them, so I look for shipping to go up even more. Our government is killing our small business folks, and they just keep dropping like flies! I feel for some of these companies. I don't agree with tons of money for shipping, but most of these companies are going to go out of business here in the US if things keep going the way they are.

  131. Here is a comment I got in an email from one that couldn't get to post a comment. Hugs Donalda

    Having read the comments I'm in 100% agreement regarding the P+P charges.

    I am a UK Shopper and tend to shop around comparing prices on the Internet ... I only use a number of shops where I know I get brilliant customer service and P+P and know I'm not being ripped off and so return to these stores again and again.

    * Cutting Edge Crafts ~ Fast Delivery - No P+P - Really, Really competitive prices.
    * The Glitter Pot ~ Acceptable P+P and if you order over £40.00 Free Shipping.
    One ladies comment how she didn't buy HA anymore due to the shipping ... HA now ship to your favourite store so you only pay UK shipping ... if it's under £10.00 you only pay £1.00.
    * Joanne Sheen ~ Free P+P - Already mentioned.
    * Craft Obsessions ~ Personal touch - Free P+P on orders over £10.00.

    These are my favourites but I also shop at the following occasionally depending on price comparisons and if I can't get the items anywhere else.
    * Sir Stampalot
    * Bladerunner
    * Crafty Charlie

    I will never use Crafts U Love again ... I placed a number of orders over a year and each time had really bad customer service ... wrong items sent, really bad delivery 14 plus days for an order (I think one was nearly a month to wait for delivery) ... When I complained that they aught to have a webpage that linked to stock available immediately like other Internet stores do so that the if they didn't have stock it wouldn't be available to the customer it fell on deaf ears ... BIG company and they still have the same system. If I order something I want to know it's in stock and doesn't have to be ordered again ... If I know the items not in stock and I really want it I'll order knowing it's going to take longer to arrive with me ... So as I don't know what stock they have and due to the bad service I don't order from them anymore.

    I have ordered dies from an American company before and was stung with P+P so I'm very careful now ... I was also stung by US store on eBay who had a flat shipping charge but didn't cover UK shipping and didn't state this on the listing so managed to get a refund on charges I received.

    I have ordered from QVC before ... only if I can't get the item anywhere else but their P+P charges are expensive and as an example if you buy Sizzix Dies they are expensive as you can get the same items from Cutting Edge Crafts without P+P Charges.

    Create & Craft ... again you have to be selective and compare before you buy and unfortunately their Customer Service and P+P Charges need improving.

    Thanks for letting me air my views and I hope they're helpful to any UK shopper ... sorry the comments so long.

    Just to add.....
    If these stores are buying in bulk they only pay one shipping charge ... unfortunately they then add on a shipping charge to each item they sell (although they bought in bulk so they saved money) ... as an example if they then charge £5.oo P+P on each order they send out they are making a huge profit.

    Suze x

  132. Totally agree, and simply WILL NOT buy from the companies that try to rip us off.

    I'm adding your banner to my side bar NOW!

    Judi x

  133. My husband always maintains that these companies are actually in the shipping business and just need a product to ship -- the real money is in the shipping, product can be made for pennies, then charge oodles to ship! Just is the joy of internet/catalogue shopping I guess.

  134. I couldn't agree more- that postage is extortionate!

    I bought 2 dies from an American ebay seller a month or so back- she charged around $4 shipping fees and they were here within a week- fantastic service and when you convert the $ to £ it was around what I would pay for shipping in the UK but the dies were half the price!

    Incidentally wtf is that huge box about? Common sense tells you that a die can be transported quite adequately in an envelope with some bubble wrap surely???

  135. I am really in agreement with you. I was charged $35 for two clear stamp sets from Papertrey and on top of that a futher £8 for holding at this end until I paid the £12.85 VAT due as Papertrey had valued the package at twice the price of the goods I had purchased. Never again................

  136. I agree... crazy they sent one die in the priority box least they spent what they charged for postage on postage and didn't pocket the difference. I just received a stamp order from a US company that charges a flat rate and doesn't return the un-used postage. Postage for four cling mount stamps was $1.88 and the flat rate shipping I was charged was $6. They were sent in a flimsy gold office envelope, not padded, not taped or glued shut, held only by that little clasp thingy that was mangled and about to break off! For the postage charged it could have at least been in a priority flat rate envelope and she could've still pocketed almost a dollar in over charged postage. ugh! So annoying.

  137. As a business owner I agree with a lot of what's said. At Polkadoodles we ship completely FREE WORLDWIDE - yes, worldwide, Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, Outer Mongolia and Timbuctoo. Offering free shipping costs us £1000's a year but we do this because we recognise it's part of the shopping experience we want to offer our customers and that you'll come back again if you get great service and prices. We're only a small company but we try to be as competitive as possible in our prices too although this does mean we probably make much less money than a lot of the other companies out there who seem to charge what they like! I recently tried to buy an ink cartridge which was £25 - when I got to checkout the shipping was £40!!! You can guess what I did! :D

  138. I have no problem with shipping charges. If I want to stay at home and receive my items I will pay. but I will only pay for reasonable shipping charges. When the shipping is more than the item - yah right. I live in Canada and usually order from the UK because it is cheaper than from the US and Canada. I have only one company "All That Scraps" that I order from in the US, quick, inexspensive shipping. Because of this I tend to order more. I know what shipping in the US it is alot less than what I am charged. What the heck is wrong with postal rate plus packaging. Is the retailers time not built into the product price?

  139. I also have emptied baskets when I have seen the p+p cost, I have bought several things from Oh My Crafts and even with the shipping it was cheaper than buying it here. There system allows you to check the p+p cost for what you have in the basket as you add so you know when you have gone to a bigger box.

  140. Thanks for this; totally agree, i'll put this to my sidebar.
    Living in Finland, have to always compare prizes and shipping first - then try to order there where it's the most economic.
    I've found some regular shops, mostly in the UK,
    where I do my shopping.

  141. I totally agree with you. I always check the postage before I start shopping, and always estimate it before going through checkout. Maybe it's time we start a list somewhere on which shops that have actual postage. Full stop . ?? That would be a powerful way to tell those who rip us off that we are many and aware, so if they want us to shop with them, there's ONLY one way to get us to do so!!

  142. I couldn't agree more with you. A lot of times I will do the shopping cart and at the end the shipping is added and I to have deleted the order. I will say Amazon is very well know to do this as they don't let you know the shipping costs until you hit the complete button. I ordered a T Ruler for cards and it was $6.00, shipping was $24.00. And they sent it in a small box which could of been sent in a padded envelope.

    Now the store where I teach has a brick and online store. They charge actual shipping and if you spend $50.00 or more the shipping is free.

    Since I only get a disability check every month to live on, I to have been very picky these last couple of months and using what I have instead of buying more.

    Yes we all need to stick together and I will put your banner and link it to your blog so more can read it. We all should do this

  143. i'm with you!!'s not about lying..why would one company from the states to Canada.charge 28.95 for a flat package of un-mounted stamps or spellbinders..when the store next door will do it for 5.50-6.00??..
    If thew companies think they are losing cause they lose on the postage..well then with lower postage they would get more orders from me..and it would certainly more than make up for their postage!!! but by keeping these horrible s7h costs..they have a lost a customer..wtg..for speaking out..loves ya


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