Saturday, May 19, 2012

Oh it has been so long !!!

Hello dear friends !!! Man it seems like ages since I have been on !!! My poor ol blog has been neglected so bad !

I am still working lots of hours but I finally got a weekend off and was so ready for it. My plan is to get all my work done today so I can just sit and enjoy the day Sunday.

Besides working there has been so much going on in my life with my family it is unreal !!

Below is a picture of my dad’s brothers and sisters this was taken in 2005. My dad passed away in 1988 so he is the only one missing here but Uncle Boob has been ill and in a nursing home since Feb. He is doing therapy and we are hoping to get him home soon he is walking with a walker now so he is getting better but his wife Aunt Rosie passed away April 18th very unexpectedly. She was a rock so this was such a shock to us all !!!! She was a sweetheart that was for sure. So we had her funeral and this  Monday Uncle Boob’s TWIN sister Aunt Marge passed away.  So it has been a trying time here. Aunt Marge and Uncle Boob was 83 the 27th of April.

The evening of the day we buried Aunt Rosie my grandson was going home that night and he took the country roads home which was shorter. And this stupid deer came out of the  woods and ran right into the drivers side of Dyllon’s door. The deer’s head busted his drivers side window out and got him in the face and all the glass cut his face up and got in his eye. He is doing okay but the jeep got a number done to it. The body of the deer went back and got both doors and the rear quarter panel. But he is okay now and that is great. He just misses his vehicle lol

Then to top it off we found out my oldest daughter had cervical cancer. She has had her surgery and is doing good. They are 97% they got it all but she will go every 3 months to have a check up to make sure it hasn’t came back.
So needless to say my life has been pretty crazy !!!


I have not been in my craft room for over a month and I had so many projects half done that had been there for months. So last night I decided to add the flowers to them and let them be lol It was great to get to play but the ol mojo just isn’t there anymore. I still have lots of projects laying there to be finished so maybe one day I can get them done. Some are for my granddaughters birthday which is in June and another one the 28th of May !!! Don’t know if they will get done or not lol

But here is a card I had done using a Krista Smith image. It has been so long ago I could not tell you what paper pad this is from but I do know it came from Susana’s Custom Art and Cards . I buy all my paper from her and I used some glamour dust glitter paint on the flowers. I saw where Krista has a challenge for may flowers so after many many months I am going to enter this there at Saturated Canary Challenge Blog.


Next I added some flowers to this project to finish it up. A picture frame with Tilda. I got some gorgeous bling from a dear friend for my birthday and I used it on the frame. The papers are some old MME papers again Glamour dust glitter paint was used on the flowers.

So sorry I don’t remember much about these 2 projects but it has been so long since I had started them.


Well I have so much housework to get caught up on and outside work. I am going to get it all done today so I can take tomorrow to do nothing.

I do hope everyone is doing well and hopefully one day I can get back into the groove of crafting again. But for now just some old projects that had been laying around unfinished lol

As always sending Big Hugs your way (((((((((())))))))))))))))))


  1. Oh Donalda hunni what an awful time you and your family have been having! I'm sorry to hear of your losses. I'm so glad to hear your daughter and grandson are doing better. Your card is stunning! I love the colours and your colouring is amazing. I hope you manage to get that day of rest tomorrow. So lovely to hear from you again! big hugs, Jane xxx

  2. So relieved to see your post but sorry you've been having such a trying time. I'm glad Dyllon is OK & your daughter doing well. You've been much in my thoughts lately.
    Take care of yourself & rest midst it all if you can.
    With very much love
    Paula (PEP)

  3. Beautiful creations sweetie, they both look fabulous, hope that you are well going to send you an email when I have finished my comments ♥

  4. What a beautiful cards.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  5. Hi Donalda, nice to see you again with some beautiful cards. Love the patchwork effect of the second one and the sweet Tilda.

    Sorry to hear about your bereavements and your daughters illness. Not to mention your grandson's accident. He must have really got a fright.

    Hope your day went according to plan and you have Sunday all to yourself.

    Kat xx

  6. Donalda ive missed you!! but no wonder sweetie what an awful time you ahve had to yourself, oh bless you I hope your daughter is ok, im sure she will be, bless yourh eart I really feel for you with all of this awful stuff, but you have produced masterpieces!!!!!!!! Your such a talented lady, sending lots of huggies for you love June xxxxxxxxxxx

  7. You have been through the wringer, haven't you. I'm sorry to hear of the losses to your family. It's good news though on your daughter and grandson. Hope that things settle down for you and you get the chance to get crafty again. The two projects that you got finished are lovely.

  8. oh donalda I am so sorry to read your news hun :( sending some hugs for you.
    Both of your makes are gorgeous in this post though and I love your SC card.
    thank you so much for sharing it with us over on the SC challenge blog
    hugs Lou xxx

  9. Sorry to hear of all the goings on, Donalda. Your life is so full, but I'm glad you still have time to create and share your gorgeous creations! They are so inspiring! Sending hugs & prayers your way!

  10. Your poor poor thing, I think you've had a dark cloud over your head for the last month. May the skies be bright and sunny from now on. So so sorry about your loses, and your grandsons run in with the deer, but the most important thing is that he is OK the car can be replaced. As for your daughter, I am sure they got all that nasty cancer out of her, thank goodness for todays technology and that they caught it and were able to remove it. You and your family will be in my thoughs and prayers just hang in there, the bright skies are here.


  11. Beautiful work Donalda! I hope things are starting to get better for you all around there! You seriously are due for some "down time" with everything going on! Sending lots of love!


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