Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas with my Family

Well I am starting to recover from the big day we had here lol Man those grandkids sure can wear you out can't they??? We had a good time though but am sure glad it is over. I have the house almost back in order lol But thought I would show a few pictures from yesterday. This fellow here is my wonderful son-in-law Jeremy he is married to my youngest daughter Rachelle who is below his picture. She is now 71/2 months pregnet we are so glad things are going great for she has had so much trouble but Nathaniel is doing great and will be here around the 1st of March.



This is Kirstie she is my oldest granddaughter she is 5

This is my youngest granddaughter Ashely she is 2. She had us rolling when she got to her bag of candy and saw the chocolate well she could of cared less about her presents she was shoveling that candy in right and left lol She was going to her dad's after she left my house so we let her eat that chocolate lol
Ashley getting done shoveling the chocolate in lol

This is my youngest grandson Wyatt and my oldest daughter Kimberly

This is my middle grandson Jacob

And this is my oldest grandchild!! This is my boy Dyllon he is getting ready to be 14 but thinks he is 21 lol
Well that is it for my family. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!!



  1. What a wonderful family you have Donalda! They are gorgeous! Looks like you have a fabulous day!
    Hugs~ Kim

  2. Looks like a wonderful bunch of family! Loved the photos with the mouth full of candy!! too cute!

  3. Love all the pics of your family, your GrandKids are so cute.

  4. Wow..... Donalda
    your family looks great!
    They pictures are wonderful!
    Thank you for good wishes!!!
    Today it is even better for me!
    I take tablets and still think back warmly!
    I wish you a wonderful weekend !!!!!
    Hugs my hun from

  5. Donalda, what a wonderful family you have - I am so glad you all had such a fab day. The choccie shovelling pics had me laughing my sox off, especially the comment about her going to her dad lol!!!

    hugs Bev x

  6. gorgeous pictures donalda, so glad that you had a fabulous day. hugs rachxx


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