Monday, April 13, 2009

What a Storm

Man I hate winter and always wish for summer but this is the only down fall we have for summer. Tornado's and storms. I tell you these things just scare a person to death. I live in a mobile home to top it off!! But we had a huge storm go through earlier and these are pictures I took looking out my front door. Golf ball size hail at some points. I have never seen the hail that big before. So glad that is is over!!
Just wanted you to see one of our storms here in Indiana!


  1. we camp in a tent for our holidays and just very light rain on the canvas can sound like a torrential downpour, so goodness knows what that sounded like on your roof, honey i'm not suprised you're glad its over
    take care
    helen x

  2. Oh My,
    being in the uk, I dont see weather like this,
    stay safe and warm,

  3. Oh my goodness Donalda this looks crazy!
    I bet that was noisy!
    So glad that you are ok.
    kim x

  4. Wow on the hail storm...mother nature can be pretty intense sometimes... as long as you and your loved ones are safe and sound, that's all that matters

  5. oh wow donalda that looks mad, glad that you are ok hun, hope that the weather has passed now.. hugs rachxx

  6. Oh ... Donalda
    yes it looks terribly out!
    We have over 20 graduation and it is like in the summer !!!!!
    I will send you something I love spring!!!!!!
    Big hugs hun

  7. kind of scary girl! pleased you're OK and hope things are better now;o) {hugs}


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