Saturday, May 23, 2009


Hello everyone!! I sure hope you all had a great week and are enjoying your weekend so far. I don't have any cards to show you. Still am working 11 hour days and just don't have time to craft through the week or even get on the net as far as that goes.
This week was even busier for me, Had a few ballgames to go to after I got off work but forgot my camera (bad grandma) but then she also graduated from Kindergarten this week. I just can't believe my little girl is growing up so fast.
Kirstie stopped for a pose after getting her diploma

Kirstie posing with her teachers

Kirstie and her little brother Nathaniel

And here is my little man, I kept him all day while his dad was out and his mom was working. He is just growing so fast. Finally putting the weight on too. Sure is getting to be a chunk.

Well that is it for me. I have tons of house work to get done so enjoy your weekend and thanks for stopping bye and checking out my grand kids.


  1. Donalda your grandchildren are adorable!!! Thanks for sharing their beautiful pictures! Congrats to Kristie and Nathanial is getting even cuter!!!! And love to see he's a Hendrick Racing Fan....he would definitely fit into our household as we are major Hendrick Racing Fans here! :)
    Big Hugs~ Kim

  2. Oh, you really have two beautiful grandchildren Donna! You must be very proud of them ;o)

    Have a beautiful day! Hugs, Lena

  3. Wow, Kindergarten graduation already, Congratulations!!! and your little chunk is just adorable. It's amazing how quickly they grow

  4. Oh Donalda what a beautiful family you have!
    Those Grandchildren are just adorable!
    How quick do they grow!
    kim x

  5. They just go grow up so fast don't they. They are both gorgeous :)
    Take care of yourself, and remember you need some "you" time at some point too!
    Hugs Lora xx

  6. Hi Donaldo....your grandchildren are gorgeous,such lovely photo's to cherish....hope your work load eases off alittle for you soon so you will have more crafting time.
    Take care
    San x

  7. aww bless! thank you for sharing your lovely pics with us x

  8. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures of your grandchildren Donalda! They are beautiful!
    Congrats to Kirstie as well!!

  9. So gorgeous pics and your grandchildren are so gorgeous! Hugs, moni


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