Saturday, June 27, 2009

My family gathering

Well as most of you know I had some family come in from SC and we all got together for a cookout. We had a wonderful time and was so nice to have most of us together. Was missing 2 aunts (my father's sisters). It is so hard for my cousin Kathy to get around to see everyone so I thought what better way than to have a cookout. Both of my parents are gone and have been for 20+ years so it was sad in a way also. But just wanted to show you a few of the pic's we took. Thanks for stopping bye Hugs
This is my couisn Kathy (From SC) her father Wilburn, Uncle Tom, and of course me. (OMG i have put on so much weight after not smoking)

This is a close up of my dad's brothers, the one on the right looks just like my dad!!!

This is my brother Kym with his wife Debbie

This is my cousins Kathy with her brother Mark

And of course fat me again with my brother Kym (thought I was going to break his leg lol)

Kathy , brother, Mark

My uncles with her wifes
Wilburn and Rosie and Tom and Pearl

Tom and Pearl

Brother Kym and Mark

Cuz starting the clean up already!!! Oh what a mess we had lol

And last but not least my lovely youngest daughter and her family Husband Jeremy and daughter Kirstie and the new little man Nathaniel. Isn't he growing so fast???


  1. Oh Donalda, what a lovely set of piccies of you and your family, looks like you had so much fun, family time is so presious. Its nice to see you relaxing away from your job too.
    Have a fab weekend!
    Hugs Tab xxx

  2. you look as though you all had a fabulous time honey.. you have a wonderful family.. so nice for you all to get together.. thanks for sharing.. hugs rachxx

  3. Good afternoon Donalda, what lovely photos of you and your dear friends my friend. I am so pleased you had a good time with them. You are not FAT, don't think you are. Putting on weight after stopping smoking is soooo normal from what i can gather. Have a happy weekend, will let you know when the blog candy arrives. Hugs Linda x

  4. What a lovely Family ! your very Blesses , My parents are also gone and still miss them a lot along with my oldest were so luck to get everyone together , yes the weight piles on when we stop smoking but, it also comes with age LOL
    God Bless you always
    Hugs :o)

  5. Ah what lovely memories that must have brought back for you. The family all look very happy to be there.

  6. HI Donalda, looks like you had the best time, always so great when the family all get together, just a shame that is foen't happen so often as we would all like. Hope you got my emails from the WOJ blog, hugs,
    Claire xx

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful family with us Donalda!
    So glad that you all could get together and you all look so happy!
    kim x

  8. lovely pictures thank you for sharing them with us x

  9. What a nice family you have & lots of great pics to treasure.

    And by the look fabulous!

    Huggies ~


  10. Looks like you've had a wonderful time catching up with your family.

  11. Hi Donalda
    yes, I know that you have a lot of work and also have a family!
    I'm also not bad to you!
    When I went to work, I had little time !!!!!!!
    You have a wonderful family and I like the photos very well! Unfortunately I am alone !!!!!
    I wish you a good week start, and send very warm greetings
    hugs my dear Gisela

  12. Hi Donalda:
    I am paying it foward so would you please come visit my blog and accept what I have there for you .
    ~ God Bless ~
    Hugs :o)
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  13. What a great family you have, Donalda! Thanks for sharing the photos, it looks like you had a great time.
    Hugs, vanja

  14. So glad you had such a wonderful time honey, see you worried for nothing - looks like all had a fantastic time!! x


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