Sunday, December 27, 2009

Family Pictures!!!!!!!

I hope everyone had a Wonderful Christmas with time well spent with your family and friends!!

I had a few pictures I would like to share with you of some of my family. This is my brother and I here.
This is my Aunt Rosie and Uncle Wilburn along with my brother and I. This is one of my dad's brothers. My parents are gone and have been for many years now so I just have some family on my dad's side left.

This is my Aunt Pearl and Uncle Tom along with my cousin Kathy from S Carolina. Kathy's parents are in the picture above. My Aunt Pearl and Uncle Tom were in a very bad car wreck several weeks ago, my Aunt is doing pretty well right now some trouble with her back but my Uncle Tom, broke his breast bone and has had some other serious injury's, so he is very slowly on the mend and is not getting around so well. Uncle Tom is my dad's other brother and he looks soooo much like my father. Today would of been my father's birthday, he would of been 83. Happy Birthday Dad!!

This is a picture of me with my Aunt and Uncle, We had to set him down he got a little dizzy, he is just not up to pare at all.

Now this is my cousin Kathy with her parents and my brother in the back.

And here is my daughter Rachelle with her husband Jeremy and son Nathaniel and daughter Kirstie. This was at the there church Christmas Eve where my granddaughter had her program.

And here is Kirstie singing at her program, the church is huge so we were so far away from her so this picture sure didn't turn out very well.
Well I hope you all had a wonderful time with your family.I know I did and so hated to see my cousin leave yesterday, I always have a blast when she is in.
I also want to thank each and everyone of you for always visiting me and leaving comments and also for all of you that email me with your lovely comments. It so means the world to me and I so appreciate it so much. I know I have not been a good blogger and I am so sorry for that I do try to visit you every chance I get but working the hours we have worked this year has not left much time for the fun things. We are all waiting to see what the New Year brings to us as far as hours and work.
Thanks for stopping by and big hugs!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Donalda your family is beautiful! Thanks for sharing the fun pictures! Looks like you all had an amazing time! Glad you could all get together! I had to forgo my Christmas Day with family as we had freezing rain! It was a bummer! Hope you are doing wonderful hun!
    Big Hugs~ Kim

  2. Donalda, what super piccies, thanks for sharing your family with us and glad you had a fab break. Hugs Jo x

  3. What a wonderful family you have Donalda, you are truly blessed! I do hope that your Aunt and Uncle recover well, guess it's still early days, thank God they survived. Bless you dear and do hope you will have an easier year in 2010, with love Nettie xxx

  4. Wowww Donalda,what a beautiful photos.

    Hugs Riet.xx

  5. Thanks so much for sharing your family once again. Great shots, even the one of Kristie..It's all about the memories...Also glad to here your Uncle is on the mend..

  6. You have a beautiful family. Thx for sharing the foto's. I love it. Wish you and your familiy all the best for 2010.
    hugs Chantal

  7. Hi Dear, I do so hope you had a wonderful Christmas, I am so sorry I have been absent for so long, but am pleased to be back in the land of the living again.

    These pictures are fabulous being a nosey person I love seeing family photos, I cannot believe how big the GC have got what a wonderful christmas card that picture would make. Sending you lots of love
    Jacqui xxx

  8. Hi Donalda:
    It has been some time and I am sorry I have not been by more but We have been so busy. I am sure you have been as well Our Christmas was almost perfect next year our Older daughter and children will also be here. I got many wonderful Christmas prayers answered. I hope you did as well now here is my New Years wish for all.

    From our home to yours, We wish Everyone a very Happy and safe New Year 2010
    We are hoping for New beginnings for many and love and understanding for all.
    Family and Friends are so very Important, So try and be closer with all of your loved ones near and far.

    ~God Bless~

    We hope your New year is everything your hoping for. As we all want good thing coming from this New Year "2010"

    and Remember Life is way to short, you don't know what tomorrow may bring.
    So try make peace with all.

    Many Hugs:o)

  9. Hi Donalda! I hope you are enjoying a wonderful Christmas time with your family and wish you a Happy New Year. I enjoy stopping by your blog to see your fabulous crafty creations and look forward to seeing more of them in 2010.
    love and hugs, annie x

  10. Wonderful to see you and your family Donalda, looks like you all had a wonderful time my friend x


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