Sunday, September 9, 2012

Just had to show you this beautiful smile

I just had to show this picture Terry sent me of Alana. She is getting so many wonderful cards and presents from all over the world. I can't express how happy this is making this little girl. Like I said Terry is taking pictures of all her cards and presents to make her a scrapbook and she is always telling me to tell everyone THANK YOU !!! As you can see Alana is loosing her hair very fast but her fight and spirit is up so much thanks to all of you and your prayers.

Again you can follow Alana HERE


  1. Lovely pics Donalda. Alana really is a lovely little girl with a beautiful smile. Good news the other day and I'm keeping my fingers crossed and keeping her in my prayers. I hope she continues to do as well as she has done so far.

    Kat xx

  2. aw bless her, hopefully she will receive my card soon x

  3. hiya sweetie
    what a beautiful smile on her pretty face, and what a lovely idea to make a scrapbook with the cards, super precent she's holding
    i'm still working on my card for her, but i had a black out and have so much pain on the right and left side, so i try when i'ts doublle, i'm working on her card sweetie
    big hugs for you all


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