Sunday, April 27, 2008

Funny !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well i got my stamp club yesterday and boy that gave me withdrawls bad lol so my daughter was here today mowing for me so i got her to cut my stamps out. so here is some left handed funny coloring lol my granddaughter can do better than this lol
poor tilda has purple in her skin and brown in her socks but hey i gave it a try lol


  1. that is cute.

    do you have your spring kit??
    i can not believe it!!!

  2. That's still pretty good considering you are using the wong hand to colour....better than I could do in the same situation. Take care Donalda...wishing your hand a speedy recovery.

  3. There is nothing wrong with your Tilda and you got to enjoy your new kit. Great!

  4. This is so cute Donalda, I hope your hand is starting to get better

  5. It looks fine to me Donalda!
    x x x

  6. Darling; you're too hard on yourself! I couldn't even stay in the lines coloring left handed!! Glad you're able to have a little fun!

  7. wow! left handed and you stayed in the lines - almost! I'd have been all over the shop. Glad you are sounding brighter. annie x

  8. She'd still cute as a button. Hope your hand is better soon.

  9. That's brilliant, Donalda. I'm sure I couldn't colour in left handed anywhere near as well as you
    Maria x


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