Sunday, April 6, 2008

The wedding !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now this isn't your regular wedding here but it did go so smooth and was very nice. Rachelle and Jeremy love going four wheeling and bronco riding so this is what they wanted for there wedding. It was outside at a historic society building. But anyway announcing Mr.& Mrs Jeremy Conyer


  1. What a wonderful wedding!! I really would have enjoyed going to this one. I think it is so nice when a couple adds their own personality into a ceremony that is meant to bring them together for life. I wish them a lifetime of well wishes and beautiful memories. Thank you Donalda for sharing this with us.

  2. Wow!! What a wonderful time. They all look so happy. And it was sunny for them!!

  3. wow.. what beautiful pictures. thanks for sharing them.
    Donalda your daughter looks BEAUTIFUL love her bridal dress it very classy. The bridesmade dresses are fabulous too. did your daughter pick them? love the strong colors and the contrast plus the flowers in her hair match.

    i love the picture with you and your look so happy.

    how long did the party last? was everything okay with the guests and the food? i hope everthing went as planned.

    thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures from your family


  4. You have a beautiful family Donalda & how much fun does this wedding look??!!
    Lots of love to everyone x


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