Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Stamp Store for Magnolia's Coming!!!!!!

UPDATE Blog is closed for right now so you will get a different page but please bookmark the site and it will be open towards the end of the week. Thanks !!!

All you USA folks we have a new stamp store blog getting ready to open soon. Scrap-A-Holic in Columbus Indiana is getting ready to open there blog soon called Magnolia-a-holic to sell Magnolia's. I will let you know when it is opened but please go ahead and mark the link. If there is anything inparticular you are looking for just give her a shout at


  1. Hi Donalda, you have so much exciting news! I also wanted you to know that I have given you an award so please visit my art blog. :)

    *Big Hugs!!*

    Elisabeth xx

  2. Sit on your hands girl and you are going to have to hide that card! Lol Lynn x


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