Monday, February 9, 2009

Baby Shower

Several has asked me to upload some pictures of the baby shower. I just picked out a few to show you. We had a good time and she got so much stuff the little one will not want for any clothes that is for sure lol
This is Rachelle and Kirstie with the playpen bassinet I got him

This is mommy that is so ready to pop. She still has 4 weeks to go. He is going to be a big baby!

This was a diaper cake!!! It is all filled with diapers rolled up it was really neat I had never seen one of them before.

Here they were taking yarn and cutting off a piece that they thought would go around Rachelle. Needless to say everyone cut off to much yarn lol

I thought this was just so cute I forgot who got it for her

This is big momma here. Look I have gotten so big since I stopped smoking!!! Lands be!!!


  1. Oh Donalda thanks for sharing these lovely pictures with us - and you look great - you are much better off without smoking! I gave up nearly 2 years ago and am just starting to get the weight off now but I feel much, much better! Well done babes!! Lol Lynn x

  2. Oh that is for sure going to be one very spoiled little boy Donalda!! What brilliant photos, your girls look so much like you! And you don't look big to me - I wish my thighs were as small as yours instead of these tree trunks that I have!!!!!

    hugs Bev x

  3. Thanks for sharing these Donalda looks like a good time was had by all and Nathanel will not want for anything when he decideds to pop out. Great to see pictures of the girls together and also to see the latest of you. Get away girl your not big its all in the mind hun.
    Have not lost much from the computer and it is running like a dream at the moment
    Hugs Dear
    Jacqui x

  4. fab photo's Donalda, looks like you all had a fabulous time.. that is one baby that is going to want for nothing..
    i bet Rachelle can't wait for Nathaniel to arrive.
    You don't look big at all to me hun.. Thanks for sharing your piccies.xx

  5. Fabulous pictures Donalda, your daughter sure looks like she is blooming! Looks like a fab time was had by all, and you don't look big at all!
    Joanne x

  6. I am so happy you posted these, wonderful photos and looks like a really fun day! Love the little t-shirts!

  7. It looks like everyone had such a lovely time Donalda. Baby Nathaniel isn't going to need anything for quite a while! Thanks for sharing the awesome pictures with us and are not BIG at all!!!!

  8. These are great Donalda. Wow someone is gonna have a BIG baby. Poor girl, she looks ready to burst, bless her. Not long now eh - bet you are all so excited. We dont have baby showers here in the UK - I wish we did cos I think it is a lovely thing you do. You dont look big at all chick - you look just fine to me. If you haved gained a little, it's better a few pounds on than yukky lungs etc. Can you tell I am an ex-smoker!!! Hugs dear friend xxxx

  9. It looks like you all had a Wonderful time...and the little fella has made out very well!!...Great photos of everyone!! Your family is Beautiful!!...Thanks so Much for sharing Donalda!!...Hugs, Ila

  10. Thanks for sharing the photos! They are beautiful! I have something for you on my blog. :)

    Hugs, Vanja

  11. Hi my dear
    thank you for the beautiful photos!
    I think it is good that you stopped smoking did!
    You look fantastic !!!!!
    Have a nice day!
    Hugs Gisela

  12. looks like you had a great baby shower - and that diaper cake is fabulous - never seen that before! hugs, annie x

  13. Lovely family photos sweetheart! and you look wonderful!

  14. I am going to be a grammy's life wonderful. I wish the best for your little arrival.


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