Thursday, September 3, 2009

Look who I got to see!!!!!!

I had the most wonderful surprise tonight. There was some little knocks on my door and low and behold there was my 3 other grandkids that I hadn't seen for 8 months. There dad was going through the town I live in so they stopped bye to see me. They sure have grown, the 2 boys are in school and Ashley is 3 now. It sure was good to see them. Just had to show them off.

Sorry I have not been able to blog much lately, work has really been crazy but we are having a holiday Monday so have a few days off. Hope to do some blogging then but do want to thank all my friends for there lovely comments. They sure make my day to read. Will try to get some blog candy coming soon as a big thank you for your lovely comments.
Thanks for stopping bye dear friend, Big Hugs


  1. Oh, what a wonderful surprice! Three georgeous grandchildren - bet you're very proud of them ;)

    Have a great day, and enjoy your moments!
    Hugs, Lena

  2. Awww what a lovely surprise! Bet it was wonderful! Just wanted to stop by and say hi! Love Rowena

  3. Oh Wow, I bet you were blown away!!! That is such a fantastic surprise. They're all gorgeous! hugs, Jane x

  4. Awww what a Beautiful family! I can see you enjoy every second as I do with mine.
    Hugs :o)

  5. That is great!!! I'm sure you had the best time ever getting to see them!

  6. What a wonderful surprise and such cute kids! I can see you smiling from ear to ear way over here in Michigan!
    Have a great day and safe holiday!

  7. what adorable grandchildren! no wonder you want to show them off, who wouldn't! {hugs}

  8. what a fabulous surprise!!!
    they are gorgeous sweetie, hugs rachxx


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