Thursday, April 29, 2010

You have to start stalking Sugar Nellie

Well I know you all have seen these gorgeous new Manga's that Karen and Zoe has been giving sneak peaks too. So real real soon, these adorable stamps are going to be ready to come home with you so start stalking Funky Kits !

This is what Karen had to say on the Sugar Nellie Blog today. Make sure you all grab this banner!!

The lovely Lori over on SCS has made some great new banners for us to promote the May Mangas. These are just brilliant, I love them all. Feel free to copy this and post it on your blog because as part of their 3rd birthday celebrations Funkykits are giving away 20 spot prizes to blogs who show off this banner which links back to here.

AND I would love your ideas for future Mangas, yes your impute is important it always has been and always will. Please leave me a comment, I will not be publishing them
because its important market research and top secret *wink*

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  1. WOW Donalda!!! Thanks so much for this opportunity it's just fab as I really luurrrvvvveeee Mangas and this sneak peak looks sooo devine. Can't wait for them to be launched!! Will be putting it in my sidebar. Thanks a mill. Lotsa luv xxxx


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