Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Family Pic’s

Well here is some pictures I promised to show you. I have a video of my granddaughter her at karate kicking a board and breaking it but I can’t get it uploaded. Maybe one day but I am so proud of her. This is Kirstie here with her new belt she got for passing her test.


Now here Kirstie is again all dressed up in the dress her mother made her for her Girl Scouts dance. The dance was called Mr.. and Me and she took her daddy with her. She said she had a blast and danced a lot. She is growing up so fast. I told my daughter soon it will be boys coming to pick her up instead of her daddy and lands sake she didn’t like that at all lol.  But Rachelle is doing so good at sewing. She takes after her grandmother that she was named after. My mother could sew her heart out and made most of my clothes. And now Rachelle is taking after her I am so proud of her.

kirstie dance

Now here is the birthday boy. Nathaniel turns 2 Wednesday but we had his party Saturday so everyone could make it to the party. This kid is a monster truck boy as well as John Deere and talk about some huge monster trucks he got them lol His cake even had the trucks on them lol He had a blast and listening to him yell every time he opened a present was so funny lol. His sister Kirstie is joining him in the picture as well as there cousin Jacob. To many kids to get them all lol


Then here is my old mug shot  with my ex sister in law but she will always be my sister in law I love this girl to death.  Yelp that is me on the right lol Lost some weight after surgery let’s hope I don’t gain it all back lol  But we had a great time at his party.


Well thanks for looking I just had to show off my young’ens.lol Have a great day.


  1. super photo's and what a talented family lol
    Tilly x

  2. Aww what little sweeties chick xxx OMLife Donalda, you have lost weight my love. But you look FABULOUS I have to say - not that you didn't before lol xxx . Biggest hugs and squishes xxxx

  3. Oh they are fabulous photos hun, and don't you look amazing!

  4. Looks like you had a lovely time with the family & that cake is rather special. It's lovely to see a photo of yourself too.
    Much love
    Paula (PEP)
    PS - have a Craft Show on Sat with a friend & a computer training session Friday so won't be around for a bit.


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