Saturday, March 12, 2011

Nathaniel’s Bad Day


Happy Weekend!!!!

I just got home, and thought I would share a few pic’s with you. My grandson had to have tubes put in his ears today and his adenoids taken out so I haven’t been home long and thought I would  upload these photo’s before I get to working on some chores.

He done great really, before he had the surgery done he was playing away like always and when the nurses came after him he just went right with them.

Now waking up in recovery was a different story since his mom and dad wasn’t in there. But here he after getting to his room and he is still pretty cranky.


Now he is starting to feel better and is watching some cartoons. He just looks so comfortable here lol


Now we are feeling better, we are playing with all the toys they have in the hospital. Still has his IV in but he isn’t letting that stop him lol


Now we are really feeling good. We are heading out and boy is he ready lol

We all went and grabbed some food after we left and he even ate real good. Boy the kids just bounce right back don’t they???


Well thanks for checking out my photo’s. I hope to be back later this weekend with some projects to show you. Hugs


  1. Awww Bless him!! Im glad he picked up very quick but like you say it just goes to show how quick kids bounce back!!
    hugs and xxx

  2. OH my he is just adorable! Isn't it amazing how fast a kid bounces back. An Adult would have stayed in bed for a week!

    Hope he is getting lots of ice cream!

  3. How adorable is he? What a little trooper. My son went through this and was just the same. Much harder on the parents! LOL!

  4. What a cute little guy and what a trooper! Kids really are amazing.

  5. I'm glad he improved so quickly. Not an easy ordeal for such a young little chap. Hope you got all your chores done too.
    Paula (PEP)


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