Tuesday, May 6, 2008


well today i went to indy to the surgeon!!!!! the pain i have today is worse than it has ever been yet. i thought i was going to hit the floor when they were taking the stitches out. then to therapy. i have to keep movinf fingers wrist etc but i cant move thumb. i thought they took the bone out and reconstructed it WRONG they took the bone completly out snd filled the gap with tendons from my arm. i look like a snake shedding its skin lol but man the pain pills are not touching the pain. but here is my hand and arm before stitches come out then with splint on that i have to wear except while taking a bath, then one with the stitches out. i sure hope this pain goes away soon but in 4 more weeks i can start doing thing a little at a time .


  1. oh my gosh this looks bad.
    what did the doctor say? is this normal? what did he tell you how the recovery time should be? how will you be able to go back to work on so soon?? can you take vaccation and rest a little bit longer???

    iam worried donalda!
    what about therapy can you do this at least closer to home? or is it also there were you went today?

    i hope tomorrow the pain is a lot better.
    big hug

  2. hang in there girl......as spry as you are, it will heal and look much better real soon.


  3. Oh... Yuck!! Poor you. It's going to get better though. It probably hurts more today because of all the movement. Hang in there.

  4. From the way you had described the surgery to me, I expected it to look much worse than it does!! I'm sure all of the manipulation today has contributed to the pain. Hopefully the pain pills will allow you to get some rest tonight and by tomorrow the pain will be much less. I will keep you in my prayers for relief from the pain and a quick and complete recovery. What was the doctor's opinion on how it is coming along??? On schedule?

  5. Oh my goodness you poor sweety! I can see why you have been in pain. When I had my kidney removed I understand the severe pain, but after a week it was so much better. I don't understand why it isnt better for you now. I wish I were near you because I would be there doing dished and cooking and typing for you. You are in my thoughts and prayers dear girl.

  6. Oh ouchie Donalda, that looks so sore!
    But keep doing what the doc tells you!! and you'll soon be stamping away!!

    Hugs, Marlene x

  7. Oh that looks sore Donalda, take care

  8. ouch! hopefully the pain will ease soon and at least the stitches are out and you can bathe so the snake skin will look a bit better! Physio always seems to hurt, but the more you can do little and often at home will help. Take care. love annie x


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