Sunday, May 25, 2008

Party Time !!!!!!!

We had a big cookout today at my youngest daughters house. We celebrated my granddaughters birthday she will be 5 Wednesday. We all had a great time and boy did we get full. But Kirstie wanted a transformer birthday party boy does she love them. But then she also loves Hanna Montana lol So most of her presents were of Hanna Montana. But her mommy and step dad got her the best present of all. She had been wanting a puppy for awhile so they finally got her one and then she got a new bike. She really had a great time and got tons of presents but here she is with her puppy she has named it bumble bee but I am sure it will change before long.


  1. oooo i want the puppy :( lucky little girl kirstie! .

    MY partner wants same puppy but in black , his birthday is in august and we thinking of surprising him also with a black puppy the same then

    but we shall see ...

  2. looks like you had a fab time at the party - and that puppy is so cute!

  3. So precious fotos and moments Donalda. Thanks for sharing, she is such a cutie!


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