Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My 2 year old grandson


My daughter sent me this text today with this picture. I just about fell in the floor laughing.

He is going to be just like daddy lol His dad works on all kinds of vehicles etc of an evening and Nathaniel has watched his daddy do this so much so he had to have a hand in it too.

Just so cute to see little ones doing things.

Well that is it for me today just had to share this picture .

Have a great day. Hugs



  1. So fun! When my olderst was two, he wanted to do all that his grandpa did. In that case, all flowers from the garden was gone, even the ones that should be there. :)
    Love n hugs

  2. Terrific - I beautifully apt with the next post! I can say that since I'm commenting backwards (as usual).
    Paula (PEP)

  3. How cute, a chip off the 'ole block!

  4. Oh what a great pic! Hope you or your daughter do scrapbooking, as this is definitely one for a book.

    Judi x


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